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Made this last night with black beans and kale and it was a big hit! I'm looking forward to leftovers for lunch. I agree with @Just Montessori - buttering the sweets first made it better :)

Also, we decided that we could have doubled the beans and greens and it would have been perfect. We ended up rationing our b&g to last with the whole sweet potato. Highly recommended. YUM!

Simple Supper Recipe: Savory Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with White Beans and Kale Recipes from The Kitchn
1/18/13 05:20 AM

Try this recipe from DigginFood and add as much garlic as you want! I always use at least four cloves and this recipe is an absolute house favorite, especially with the colder weather coming. I also often use red pepper flakes rather than fresh peppers and it is still delicious. Congrats!!!

I'm Pregnant and Craving Garlic! What Are the Most Garlicky Recipes You Know? Good Questions
10/30/12 06:37 AM

Agreed! Black Krim is a delicious tomato! And not GMO, @daleyden, heirloom. Another one I like and grew last season was Carbon. And I second the Paul Robeson- always a winner. Purple Russian is a black plum tomato, so good for sauces. "Black" tomatoes are definitely my favorite, followed closely by orange/golden tomatoes :)

Summer Love: The 'Black' Tomato Ingredient Spotlight
7/25/12 07:15 AM

I made this for dinner last night and just enjoyed it again for lunch (even better the next day)! I used an onion squash, pancetta and a mix of cheddar and mozzarrella. YUM! I will definitely be making this again, and next time I'll use even more shallots and garlic. Thanks for a great recipe!

Recipe: Squash Stuffed with Bread, Cheese, and Bacon
5/2/12 08:35 AM

I recently moved to Glasgow, Scotland from suburban California and I was a little concerned about not having farmer's markets all the time and Trader Joe's and a big American fridge... but I love it! There are several grocery stores within 5 minutes walk of my flat and office, plus a butcher, fishmonger, fruit stall, bakeries, and cheese shop. My shopping style has changed dramatically, as I only buy what I can carry and it keeps me from loading up on things that won't get eaten. I was also shocked to realize that I have placed a total of 6 items in the freezer since moving here 4 months ago (and two of those were ice cream). Before the freezer was twice as big and filled to the brim with things that never got eaten.

Shop Like a Parisian Weekend Meditation
4/23/12 07:19 AM

Yes, curd cheese is great! I haven't done it yet but I look forward to making it at home. Thanks for sharing!

@MELBEE85 - poutine is the best! It was my introduction to curd cheese and I have it every summer when I visit the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont (head to Quebec, then turn right before you reach the border). :)

Lunch Snack Idea: Homemade Squeaky Cheese Curds
3/13/12 09:04 AM

Yup, I am definitely a multiple breakfasts gal!

I also share the same affliction as @wee eats, @sew trashy & @sarah f.w.c.p. I second the 'carry food in your purse comment.' I always make sure to carry "Emergency Rations" with me at all times, especially if I plan to be out all day or traveling. (In fact, before we go somewhere my husband now asks me- "Where's your emergency food?" cause we both know I need it). It has saved me many times from reaching the point of hunger-pyscho-monster. All it takes is a couple bites and suddenly I am a sane human, but without that food I would hate you all ;)

Second Breakfast: Hobbits Need It. Do You? Food News
3/9/12 08:23 AM

It's not so much a resolution as a goal (whatever, semantics). We moved from a house in California with a big American fridge to an apartment in Scotland with a fridge about a quarter of the size. Our goal is to waste less food!

Yesterday I made cauliflower puree to use up half a head of cauliflower, milk that was on it's expiration date, and half an onion. More than anything else it's been really satisfying to be concious of not letting our food be wasted (and a little alarming to realize how much we take it for granted). Plus it forces me to be more creative in the kitchen in order to use all our food up. I'm loving it.

Reality Check-In: Reevaluating Your Food Resolutions for 2012
1/17/12 06:14 AM

Yay! I have three monster zukes sitting on the counter staring at me. This sounds like a delicious way to use one up, thanks!

Recipe: Zucchini Stuffed with Sausage, Mushrooms & Sage
9/29/11 02:59 PM

p.s. NOTE WELL- make sure you use pure white sugar if you want to preserve the beautiful lemon yellow color. I used organic sugar and, alas, my limoncello turned an odd yellowy-brown color. It was still delicious but not nearly as pretty as it could have been. It wasn't as noticeable in the crema since the milk dulls the color.

Make It Now, Gift It Later: Crema di Limoncello
9/28/11 12:33 PM

When the house my friends rented was foreclosed on a few years ago, I got 100 lemons off their tree while helping them move! I turned that into two huge batches of both regular and crema di limoncello. They are both amazing, but the crema is definitely the favorite. I let the lemons steep in the alcohol for about 6 months before taking the next step and the time was definitely worth it. Also, especially with regular limoncello, the more time you let it rest the better it gets. After a year in the freezer it was exponentially better than it had been when I first bottled it. It's also nice to have extra bottles in the freezer b/c they make a great hostess/birthday/anniversary etc gift. Good luck on your various projects, everyone- it will definitely be worth it!

Make It Now, Gift It Later: Crema di Limoncello
9/28/11 12:30 PM

Oh my goodness, that sounds (and looks) amazing! The timing couldn't be better for me either, as this morning I hauled in 19 (?!?!?) pounds of tomatoes from the garden. If the gazpacho wasn't already in the fridge for tonight, this salad would be on the menu. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to give it a try... I can't wait!

Nigella Lawson's Egyptian Tomato Salad
Recipe Review

9/20/11 06:40 PM

Thank you for this post, it's awesome! This is totally what my poor husband has. He can not handle the sound of chewing- especially really crunchy things like chips or crackers (when mouth is shut- not smacking gums or anything). I have to go into the den and close the door when eating chips because it just makes him crazy, poor thing. He knows it's in his head, but that doesn't matter. The feelings are real. He'll be so glad to have company!

Misophonia: The Unbearable Loudness of Chewing
9/12/11 03:00 PM

These are great! I use them as a vehicle for zucchini, basil and cheese:

Kitchen Staple: Trader Joe's Middle Eastern Flatbread
8/29/11 05:34 PM

Wow, you all seem quite inspired! It's a running joke with my husband- when he's away he always asks what I ate and then guesses: Pizza, Mac 'n cheese, or Cereal. Usually he's right. He is way more intent on "proper nutrition" than I am so when he's away it's my chance to be happily lazy and eat lots of cheese or breakfast for dinner :)

What Do You Cook When You're Cooking For One?
7/14/11 02:36 PM

Eep! I can not wait to make the lemon-leaf-grilled-mozzarella!! That looks and sounds amazing - this may be the new summer snack around here. Grazie tante!

Looking forward to reading what you found in France and England!

On Getting Away: Cheesemonger Travels in Italy
The Cheesemonger

7/13/11 05:01 PM

@ek76 - like ValHalla said, bolting of greens can cause bitterness

@laetitiae - the flowers without fruit are the males; you will need male flowers to provide the pollination for the female (fruit-bearing) flowers in order to get a crop from your zukes so you don't want to pluck them all. If you want to make stuffed squash blossoms, feel free to pick some, just know that it might impact your overall yields. Good luck on your first garden!

I am growing: artichoke, rhubarb, strawberries, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, garlic, onions (about to harvest), corn, beans, herbs, winter squash, summer squash/zucchini, cucumbers, chard and lettuce. That's it for now...

What's Growing in Your Garden This Summer?
6/28/11 04:51 PM

I serve vanilla drizzled with honey- so easy and it tastes incredible! In fact, I just blogged about it.

Easy Entertaining with Ice Cream: 9 Ways to Dress up a Scoop
5/11/11 02:44 PM

Roast chicken is our standard go-to dinner party meal. You prep the bird in advance, then stick it in the oven with a thermometer and it dings when it's ready. It's always delicious, guests love it (and seem to think you went to a lot of trouble), but most importantly, you can entertain while it does all the work in the oven. Plus, it's versatile and you can pair it with any seasonal sides. Three cheers for roast chicken!

Small-Scale Entertaining: A Roast Chicken Dinner
5/5/11 05:13 PM

I need an option between 1 & 2: about once a month. Less often than weekly, but more than several times a year.

How Often Do You Host Dinner Parties?
5/3/11 04:20 PM