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It's interesting that painting a vase (or three) changes the wall color and shelf as well...

Before & After: When Basic Gets a Modern Twist
10/7/11 03:29 PM

I use an ozone machine (Breeze AT from Eco Quest) and it works wonders on nearly every smell including cigarette smoke. It's a bit pricey, but it beats having to move every time you encounter smoke.

How To Get Rid of Cigarette Odor?
Good Questions

10/5/11 05:24 PM

Thumbs up on both the frame and the rearrangement of vases.

Before & After: Tyler Gives Old George a Makeover

9/2/11 03:52 PM

The trim doesn't seem necessary when all that was really "needed" was to add a pillow...

Before & After: Janell Nails a New Style on a Plain Chair
9/1/11 01:27 AM

Whoa there. Shhh...

A Monochromatic Guest House
8/30/11 01:38 PM

It creates the illusion that you're painting the living room, but never finished...

Loose-Fitting Slipcovers: Shabby or Chic?
8/5/11 01:52 PM

Who wants to come over to my house for a party?! ...No, you can't really talk to anyone except the person in front of you. ...No, you can't really turn around all that well. ...No, it didn't actually pass common fire codes. ...No, it isn't very comfortable. Okay, forget it, it was an awful idea.

Skinny Minnie: A Four-Foot-Wide Home

8/4/11 12:13 PM

If it was good enough for Tony Montana...

Sunken Tubs: Retro Chic or Dated Disasters?
5/24/11 02:18 PM

Well done! But if you ever move, it will suck.

Jon's Absolute Art Anarchy
House Tour

5/12/11 05:43 PM

I sorta want that black skull - anyone know where I can get it?

Steven & Anthony's Chic Modern Getaway
House Call

3/17/11 10:29 AM

Next step: unpack the boxes and begin decorating.

A Modernist Dream Home in Paris

3/10/11 10:44 AM

I can't believe they killed a baby rhino. Oh, wait...

Wild & Crazy: Animal Heads As Wall Art
3/1/11 12:54 PM

Books and plants will do wonders for any room.

How To Merge Our Different Decorating Styles?
Good Questions

2/22/11 02:24 PM

So, without a frame, our options are attach a photo to a string, or tape them to the wall...

Ideas for Displaying Photos Without Using Frames
2/21/11 01:43 PM

"Art without function is just tolerated vandalism."

While Banksy's work may be considered vandalism by some, it cannot be denied that his work (or art, should you wish to label it as such) is thought-provoking and nearly always leads with a positive bend.

Good Quotes: From Street Artist Banksy
1/26/11 05:21 PM