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There's always Roman shades - or perhaps (since light is really important to me in my living space) take a page out of Brooklyn Limestone's books and do some type of half window treatment --

On another hand, if you're more of a traditional/maximal type, I could see an interesting textile pelmet / cornice across all three windows in the bay with drapes on the sides working well. Either going very simple with a graphic striped edge, or tipping towards more opulent with a chinoiserie inspired fabric maybe... I lean towards maximalism myself, which I know isn't everyone's taste. But something like perhaps--

Ideas for Ceiling Height Windows? Good Questions
12/7/12 12:03 PM

I believe you mean "au courant" not "au current".

Bespoke Wallpapers by de Gournay Store Profile
11/21/12 11:09 AM

Just wanted to add that salvia is, I think, the shorthand name for a wide number of plants (the genus maybe?). And not everything that is called salvia is necessarily the psychoactive herb version of salvia. I think. Like I said, I know a little bit about this thanks to media saturation and vague memories of my sister's medical professional husband mentioning it once, but I don't find myself caring enough to google it and write a wikipedia entry. ^_^

10 Colorful & Low Maintenance Window Box Plants
4/17/12 01:05 PM

@violetveil -- Occasionally people smoke a type of salvia. I'm not if it's this specific variety though. You could google it if you care. Miley Cyrus (I think) was filmed smoking an herbal cigarette of some type that appeared to be marijuana, but she claimed was salvia, since while salvia is a psychoactive it isn't actually illegal.

10 Colorful & Low Maintenance Window Box Plants
4/17/12 01:03 PM

*a dearth of interesting spaces. Let's use that word correctly, now. ^_^

Elizabeth & Derek's Lots to Love Small Cool Contest
4/10/12 11:53 AM

I adore the color scheme in the living room.

I assume the now-office was originally the bedroom, and the bed is now in what was originally a large closet? I like the idea of the sleeping nook but something about the design of it still feels rather closet-y rather than nook-y.

So far though, this is the first entry I've bothered to favorite this year. I feel like there's a dearth of fairly uninteresting spaces this year.

Elizabeth & Derek's Lots to Love Small Cool Contest
4/10/12 11:45 AM

Frankly I'm starting a countdown for the deletion of Gypsymomma0911's comment...

Sources for Brocades with a Higher Calling? Good Questions
3/27/12 12:01 PM

If you check out the original blog post, there's a "more recent" Before pic when they purchased a new bed in November. Either she submitted or AT pulled the most distant Before image, for maximum impact. I'm not entirely sure how about that, it is awfully misleading in context.

It is a big improvement though, especially in terms of color scheme. That room was far too small with much too low of a ceiling for a four poster bed. It looks much larger and very serene. And she even kept that handsome inlay 3 drawer piece! It's such a relief to see a renovation that doesn't entirely toss out anything with charm and replace it with generic on-trend minimalist pieces.

Skirted tables always make me think of hotels and conferences though.

Before & After: Jae's New Board & Batten Bedroom
2/7/12 12:27 PM

Ooh, I love that first picture. I don't know if I would ever really own a home with a conversation pit-- but I love richly colored, textured, and patterned pillows far more than any one person should, and a conversation pit would really allow me to indulge in that, so it kinda gets a thumbs up on sheer principle for me! ^_^

Conversation Pits: Time for a Comeback!
2/1/12 03:49 PM

Gee, I didn't realise that AT no longer allows dissenting opinions. I still maintain that this looks like it has ticked off the all current trends from a checklist.

wire basket: check
vintage cameras: check
boxes for office supplies: check
contrasting inside of bookcase: check
parsons desk: check
ghost chair: check

Before & After: A Granny Office Goes Modern
2/1/12 02:36 PM

@ SherryBinNH - Well, just because McKell is using the name they gave themselves doesn't mean that these disaffected white people haven't appropriated someone else's culture. It's kinda like me and some friends setting up a site and calling myself a New Osage. The appropriation and glamourisation of a traditionally persecuted culture sits ill with me. They're beautiful pictures, but it's also a highly romanticised vision of what has to be a hard life. How do these people make a living? What is their access to healthcare and education? That in mind, for all of their eschewing of commercialism, they certainly seem to be okay with allowing themselves to be commercialized/commodified (the image of the leggy blonde on the caravan steps is straight up Vogue).

The New Gypsies by Iain McKell
12/21/11 04:36 PM

Hmm, I'm surprised at myself, but I think I like the other ideas of painting the wall a matte black, moving the bed to the middle of the wall, and adding a large luxe, upholstered headboard. Though that being said, your existing lamp wouldn't really work well against a black wall I don't think-- lots of black melting into each other-.

How To Hide Textured Silver Wall?
Good Questions

12/2/11 02:44 PM

This is an issue that's important to me.

But... calling me stupid?

No. Absolutely not. I'm not referring people to your website and app just so they can listen to your condescension. There are better means of educating people than calling them stupid for not knowing or realising to what degree slavery still exists.

Attempting to live a mindful, conscientious life does not mean you get to sneer indiscriminately at those around you. Educating consumers and agitating for change is an admirable task, but you do not need to be a smug jerk about it. I daresay not calling people stupid might be a far more effective means of achieving that education and change.

What is the Slavery Footprint of Your Kitchen?
11/2/11 01:10 PM

I would have liked to actually get a sense of the room rather than just three instagram vignettes.

Noa's "Navajo" Room
10/27/11 11:04 AM

I'd strongly recommend holding onto the furniture for a few years if you can. The vintage/antique furniture market is horrific for sellers right now (but if you're buying, you can find the most amazing things for pennies on the dollar, smh). Furniture crashed with the housing market and the recession plus current design trends are keeping the prices artificially depressed to rock bottom prices.

The problem with pianos too is that no one wants to move them. Anymore you'll often have to pay someone to take it away.

Take photos of the items and bring it in to someone local and reputable to start getting an idea of what you have. If you do research online, be aware that anyone can list anything for any price, but that doesn't mean it's actually selling at that price. Many online sellers are still trying to get pre-recession prices for their pieces, but the demand really just isn't there.

How To Sell Inherited Vintage Furniture?
Good Questions

10/27/11 11:03 AM

My go to answer is hot sauce. ^_^

Dull Soup? Fix It With Just One Ingredient
10/26/11 10:06 AM

@Slangevar: (A similar epiphany got me to stop buying leather shoes and handbags, but I just love hamburgers too much to stop eating them!)

That is the most blatant and disgusting hypocrisy I have ever heard. I don't even know why you commented. Good lord.

Before & After: From Faux Finish Fail to Fabulous
The V Spot

9/29/11 03:34 PM

Wow, those are pretty cool! Out of curiosity, how comfortable are they to actually sit in?

Are These Chairs Authentic?
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8/26/11 09:06 AM

Lord, you've just made me clutch my pearls. *swoon*

Those stairs are KILLER. I love this. The use of color and eclectic mix and match is very fresh and fun but livable (at least, livable for me). My apartment is like the lite version of this (thanks to no painting, no wallpapering renting boo) (but maybe that's hubris, heh).

Adore this aesthetic!

Alex Fulton's Flirtatious Use of Crazy Color
House Tour

8/22/11 04:46 PM

Oh-- and putting a rug in there would probably go a long way towards warming the space up, even if it is a basement bathroom.

Help Me Decorate Around Paneled Wall?
Good Questions

8/19/11 08:59 AM