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tried to check this site out at work and it's labeled as pornography so of course it's blocked. lol

Organizing Family Memories Online
4/26/12 03:53 PM

fantastic choices!! i currently have a nikon d60 and am srsly thinking of selling it along with my small canon point and shoot to get the sony nex5 camera. it's just so much simpler in my eyes. small, compact, and the pictures are beautiful! as for all the apple stuff..damnit, i want 'em all! lol

My Tech Top 10: Chris Perez
12/21/11 11:42 AM

great post kevin! you have very expensive taste and although i thought this was a great post..i think it sucks that it's all basically apple products. not that i have a problem with apple...i LOVE apple products but they are just so damn expensive lol i've wanted a mac laptop for everrrrr!! i've been meaning to look into the apple tv box so thanks for mentioning it, i'm heading to check out more info now. :]

happy holidays!

My Tech Top 10: Kevin Whipps
12/21/11 10:06 AM

great ideas! thanks! i think i'm going to try the flash drive one! :]

5 Ways to Reuse a 35mm Film Canister
11/29/11 02:54 PM

i agree with the first comment. it's kinda pointless if you have a smartphone..but still a cute little idea. guess we'll find out how it does when it comes out next year..

The Cutest (Little) Printer You've Ever Seen
11/29/11 12:38 PM

this is a fantastic house tour! i love it! the two of you are awesome!!

i realllly love the frame with the robot looking thing..where's it from?!

Christopher & Natalie's Touch of Hollywood Regency Loft
House Tour

10/26/11 04:17 PM

i really like this set up. simple and clean. i love the shelves too.

one question though..what's behind the desk? i was thinking maybe it was a heater?!

Stylist and Interior Designer, Sofie BrĂ¼nner's Studio

10/19/11 02:24 PM

i have an acct at flavors and i thought it was VERY easy to set it up. you don't need any website knowledge cause it does it all for you.
i also have an about.me acct, and the cool thing about their site is that they hooked up with moo.com and you can get business cards made through them for free (you pay $5.50 for S&H).

they're both great sites with easy features, def recommend them both. :]

How to Design An Attractive Homepage in Minutes
7/15/11 02:35 PM

it's nice that redbox has games now, but like you said, most games cannot be played in one day so idk how long this is going to last. they might change it to 5 days for a certain amount if they're smart. i've never tried gamefly but friends alwasys tell me what Val J E said..the games just aren't available as fast as they should be. for now i'll stick to borrowing games from friends or buying them once the prices have gone down.

thanks for the info. :]

Will You Rent Video Games at Redbox For $2?
6/17/11 02:47 PM

why is iphone the only one with the cool apps?! boooo lol
thanks for sharing all of this, i really like the magnets! :]

Displaying Your Hipstamatic Prints at Home
6/10/11 10:56 AM

i've been using evernote for my bookmarks for a while now and it's easy and since it travels with me i like it. i recently started using google reader for things i like to read during work..and it works pretty good also. i've never tried delicious but i hear it's pretty good too.

Moving Beyond Delicious Bookmarks
6/1/11 04:06 PM

sounds nice, but i agree with the other comments...i dont want a picture, i want an actual video. i think what thewintering said with the Imac is pretty awesome, although i'm sure i'd freak my dogs out if i just happened to pop up on a screen and start talking to them lol

Email This Camera to Know Everything's OK at Home
6/1/11 04:04 PM

i hope instagram gets on their A game and hooks droid's up. we're cool too yanno ;]

The 6 Coolest Photo & Camera Effects Apps for Android
6/1/11 03:41 PM

although these apps look great...i use the free ones, lol.

i currently have the following and haven't had any issues with them...
FX Camera, Little Photo, Retro Camera, Vignette, and Picplz. Thanks to a comment up there, i'm going to try Roidizer too. :]

The 6 Coolest Photo & Camera Effects Apps for Android
6/1/11 03:40 PM

i love it..pretty easy and doesn't seem to cost much. my question is where do i buy the scroll, at home depot?!

DIY a Scroll Work Mirror for Less
4/19/11 05:18 PM

congrats rachel! :]

Winner of the Unplggd Mystery Box of Tech: Rachel Horn
4/7/11 10:31 AM

ahhh i LOVE this! i'm a HUGE ikea fan...and i have a lot of EXPEDIT furniture too! thanks for this!!

Turn Your Desktop Wallpaper Into an IKEA Showroom
3/31/11 11:40 AM

i think it's a great idea and i'm really happy that Amazon is becoming a part of so many great things.

but like NathBattles said..it'll be pretty damn expensive when providers start tiering data plans...wish they didn't have to do that.

Amazon Cloud: Pros, Cons & What It Means for You
3/31/11 11:30 AM

guess i should have looked at the links first haha!
http://www.brickbox.es/ is where the boxes are from

Green Style: BrickBox = Book Boxes Turned Shelves!
3/16/11 12:21 PM

great idea! where did you get those boxes?

Green Style: BrickBox = Book Boxes Turned Shelves!
3/16/11 12:18 PM