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Nice illustrations . . . but neither of the Dürer images is an engraving. "The Women's Bath" is a drawing, and "The Men's Bath" is a woodcut.

Quick History: Public Baths & Bathing
5/13/11 12:53 AM

@appleaday, your cats' tenacity is hilarious!

Indoor Plants: How Do You Keep Your Cats Away?
5/11/11 03:39 PM

Thanks for this list! Another one for movies:, companion site to .

The A-Z Guide to Sharing, Swapping, or Selling Practically Anything
4/20/11 03:57 PM


Decorate & Organize with Boxes: Cardboard To Be Proud Of
4/15/11 11:45 AM

Where is that amazing green breadbox from in the first picture???

Decorate & Organize with Boxes: Cardboard To Be Proud Of
4/14/11 02:58 PM

I love the red tools at your desk -- chair, typewriter, pincushion -- and the clipboards hung as inspiration boards. Great idea!

Andie's 1940s Bookish Queen Anne Condo
House Call

3/31/11 05:35 PM

I really don't like that Apartment Therapy seems to ignore its own stances across its subsidiary blogs. This product flies in the face of the ethos of Re-Nest, for example, because it comes in a plastic bottle made for one-time use, which cannot easily be repurposed. You tacitly say so yourself by highlighting MIO's "fun flip top cap." Please -- a cap is not fun, it's just a freakin' cap. Your readers are intelligent enough to prefer well-written, transparent posts that don't sound like they come from an advertiser.

For my part, I can't just skip over a post like this that reviews something I don't like. I knew I didn't like this product *because* I read your post, but I dislike the post *more* because it does not contend with the ethical implications of MIO, both in packaging and ingredients. Propylene glycol?! Are you really going to show us the ingredients and then not say a thing about all the artificial components?

Give me a slice of fresh lime over plastic-wrapped sweetener any day. And give me AT posts that address the obvious problematics of products over posts that try to pull wool over my eyes.

Product Review: MiO Liquid Water Enhancer
3/29/11 12:00 AM

To me, the aesthetic appeal of a collection of National Geographics comes from several continuous feet of yellow spines. Thus, I don't quite care for the grayness of the shelf's interior. I think it would have looked good if he had saved the spine segments he'd sawed out, cut them down to about an inch-thick panel, and glued that panel to the interior back of the shelf. Such a step would have created more complex visual interest by preserving the continuous horizon of yellow but altering its stages of depth.

DIY Idea: Recycled Magazine Shelf

1/25/11 01:41 AM