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That is a lot of money for that little dresser. I just bought the exact same one on eBay for a fraction of that.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Assemblage Scavenger: Exotic and Elegant Entryway
2/28/08 04:22 AM

In a way, this is really nothing new.

Dwell has been selling lower quality products to Wal Mart (and other discount stores) for some time now. They recycle and revamp their old designs and as far as I know they have even knocked-off their competitors and sold those designs to Wal Mart & other big box stores:

This is just a deal where they get to attach their names to some of the lower quality merchandise they sell. I think actually attaching their name to these products at Target will only serve to hurt their brand in the long run. They probably have $$$ signs in their eyes right now and as such may not realize that this type of license only serves to cheapen a brand. The quality at Target really is inferior and the truth of the matter is that you usually get what you pay for.

Apartment Therapy New York | DwellStudio for Target: Bedding Collection
1/18/08 03:42 AM