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-PAShah, sorry, but I do not typically save color numbers. I bought the paint at Benjamin Moore, and just picked something what I felt complimented each room (versus picking them out from a magazine or catalog). This is what I'd suggest for everyone, just go by what feels great, each room's light is different. Perhaps when it's time to repaint, I'll pick out something entirely different. Heck, I'm already thinking midnight blue for the bedroom :^)

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1/26/11 06:37 PM

-souk1501, we used Benjamin Moore. There are six different colors throughout the home, we basically picked a different one to compliment each room.

-susanfireside, I mostly appreciate your comment. I personally need space to breath and cannot live in a cluttered or busy spaces.

-jennyp, we got the frames at the Conrad Shop. We went back to get more but unfortunately they stopped carrying them. They're easy to use because they're magnetic and the artwork can be changed everyday.

-creative*type, that's a fireplace. It's portable, runs on denatured alcohol which burns clean, so there's no need for venting, there's no smoke, or smell.

-see, we got the mirror at a store in Chelsea (8th avenue around 17th Street) 11 years ago, not sure if the small home decor store is still around.

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1/25/11 02:35 PM

Amy Feezor

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1/25/11 12:16 AM

Thanks for your kind comments everyone!

-rlb0525, the window film is made by 3M. It's tinted and also protects from break-ins or storms. The funny part about it is that you catch people on the street fixing their hair all the time.

-lepidoptery, you're right, the carpet is cut & bound, but not attached to the floor for easy removal. Originally we thought of green, but it would've looked like a golf course.

-ComfortSeeker, sorry to hear about the table. That was actually my proud first purchase. It's from Ligne Roset and designed by Pascal Morgue.

-leadingedge, glad to hear you enjoy Finster. Dea has a huge Folk Art collection, many different artists.

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1/24/11 06:35 PM