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@nycagnes the picture is maybe from when she bought it at a yardsale originally.

Before & After: Trash to Treasure Table in Just an Hour
Creatively Living

1/28/12 10:43 AM

Oh, we do this for card games that require large piles (skip-bo, war).
Someone cuts the other person chooses their stack.
Food we manage to share well enough.

A Fair Way to Share Food
10/16/11 01:45 PM

This is awesome! We are slowly building a room for our future child/children- hoping to adopt 1 or 2 kids from foster care. It's been a challenge trying to plan for the unknown!

Thanks for sharing something a little less traditional OhDeeDoh, and congrats Martina & Jason on your first placement!

A Special Room for Imminent Foster Kids
Kids' Room Tour

8/2/11 08:19 PM

I love there is a limited amount of sweets here! Just a few cookies and cake, not loads of lollipops, and cake pops, and cupcakes, and cake, and a candy buffet......

Such a sweet party. Nice job!

Best Kids' Parties: A Cookie Monster Party
My Party: Milo (Salt Lake City, UT)

7/7/11 07:55 AM

12$ isn't really a fortune for a small piece of softoleum and cutting tools.

How To Make Faux Linoleum Block Invitations
Reader Project

7/7/11 07:44 AM

couldn't you use the covers from handles on ski poles? I'm sure they are sold seperately at sports stores.

Inspiration: Make Your Own Stick Sword Handle
6/27/11 05:23 PM

itoya makes an inexpensive 18"x24" portfolio that would be great for storing 2D art.

Storing Large-Scale Children's Artwork
Good Questions

6/10/11 11:46 PM

I do some sort of grey/slate and cream trim/windows and an earthy terracotta/orange door and whatever those angled trim things are called (forgive me it's 1:30 am!).
I think.

I am scared of garish colours on siding, but I wouldn't hesitate on the door and decorative stuff.

There was also a nice greyed aqua with yellwo door combo on flickr.

What Color Would You Paint this House?
6/3/11 01:21 AM

Not my parents, but I was sitting in a bar one night circa 2002 when a narrow sighted dude described the entire letter press print shop he and 4 other casual construction workers threw in a dumpster when reclaiming an unused building into another bar's extended patio. I was about to run over to the construction site before he confessed the dumpsters had left the site two weeks prior. :(

I Can't Believe My Parents Got Rid Of (Insert Item Here)...
6/3/11 12:21 AM

NMS at all.
I think they missed out by having TOO MUCH stuff in this space. You need some space to take a visual break. By eliminating even 1/3 of this it could have been more successful.

Before And After: Creating A Hallway Gallery
Young House Love

3/26/11 01:07 PM

Isn't the solution to only have small parties?
It's okay to tell family no gifts. But invite fewer friends, and have the suggestion list ready when asked.
Otherwise suck it up, and let your children enjoy the gifts they are given.

Curbing Gift Giving
Good Questions

9/23/10 11:31 PM

I like the idea of a felt play wall, and would save the paper for table us.

There was a felt wall at the fabric shop we used to frequet when I was wee, it was one of my most favourite things ever!!

Butcher Paper on a Playroom Wall?
Good Questions

9/21/10 09:43 PM

PhoebeArt just to be clear- Automatic watches come in varying price points ie. Swatch makes some under $200, Bulova's start at about $400. It's not a matter of shaking the watch for 2 minutes to get it going in the morning. It's entirely reasonable that someone has been gifted one or two automatic watches and would like to keep them running (and working sans battery) forever.
Automatic watches are a beautiful mechanical object. They may not be your preferred indulgence, but in no way is it appallingly consumeristic to have more than one.

13 Products That Are Unnecessary and Wasteful
9/4/10 08:28 PM

fixing your pencil crayons! When your prismacolor coloured pencils keep breaking you can gently melt the wax back together by nuking for 12-15 seconds at a time.

9 Uses for a Microwave — That Don't Involve Cooking
8/14/10 01:11 AM

yay! I was happy to share. :)

Downloadable Papercrafts | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/13/10 06:43 PM

Those are sweet!

I once stumbled across this part of the Yamaha Motors website.... they have a zillion free downloadable paper crafts like the animals above, but also motorcycles:

The Wild Bunch Paper Animals | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/9/10 10:09 PM


Plywood Alphabet by Bookhou | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
2/18/10 11:44 PM

My car is spotless, and my purse in always in order... these are probably because my coffee table gets all of the overflow. Bits of paper (junk mail, receipts, health requisitions), hand tools, yesterday's juice glass, parking stubs, whatever necklaces I've worn the last couple days, things from work....

And there is no good solution to storing the empties headed back to the beer store. They are in part on the kitchen counter, on the floor next to the kitchen cabinet and down the steps next to the recycling, and well, on the coffee table.

When No One's Looking: Fess Up Your Odd Home Habits | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/14/10 04:29 PM

These remind me of my teens! My mum gave away the old mismatched wooden school chairs we had to a family who had an awful house fire, and we used these chairs for 9 years in our kitchen.
They are far from pretty, but I have a sentimental spot for them!

The Most Famous Plastic Chair: The Monobloc | Apartment Therapy New York
1/12/10 08:15 PM

I couldn't get into reading the pages online. It could be that my smaller computer monitor was part of the problem, but I really do love paper magazines.
I am lucky enough to still have great Canadian shelter mags coming to my door monthly.

I also thought that the images were incredible, but the articles were sort of general and tepid.

Apartment Therapy DC | Lonny is Live! What Do You Think?
10/2/09 05:40 PM