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LOVE these, especially the bright yellow and blue one with the lightning bolt!

10 Shower Curtains With More Cool & Less Kid
10/9/11 12:39 PM


Shayna here of Steel Petal Press. Thank you for the feature!

In response to jessman85 comment. I can totally respect that sending cards isn't for everyone. If you look at it as only a dollar sign, then it makes sense that you wouldn't want to spend the money.

I agree with landiscarery that you have to put the card in context of the story behind it: the craftsmanship, artistry and labor that goes into them, the materials (high quality recycled rag paper - no trees) and the operation of a small business owner vs a huge faceless corporation. All these things add value.

In addition to the above mentioned qualities, I truly believe that sending a card can mean more than an email and sometimes even more than a phone call. It's something the recipient can hold on to, look back on, reread and cherish over the years. I know I personally have a box full of notes and letters worth keeping from friends. I feel more of a connection while holding onto the physical object as I read.

Different people find value in different things, and that totally ok

Forgot Holiday Cards? Send Eco-Friendly Love from Steel Petal Press
1/24/11 04:23 PM