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I love the use of the boxes as both wall art and storage--it keeps everything very organized. The sconces are beautiful too!

Check out this article on "What Makes the Perfect Home Office" on our site: http://blog.17thandriggs.com/2011/03/what-makes-the-perfect-home-office/

A Small Home Office with a Few Good Ideas
9/2/11 09:48 AM

We featured decor inspired by the royal wedding too! See crown jeweled wallpaper, a queen clock, a tiara-shaped wall hook, and more here: http://blog.17thandriggs.com/2011/04/trendy-tuesdays-royal-wedding-fever/

The Royal Wedding Inspires the Home
5/2/11 03:13 PM

We featured terrariums on our site too! http://blog.17thandriggs.com/2011/04/trendy-tuesdays-not-so-secret-gardens/

25 Terrariums To Try, Buy & DIY
5/2/11 03:11 PM

These are so beautiful and inspiring! I would also love to see ore renters with gardens.

We also just wrote an article about interesting places to put gardens (even with little/no space) but I didn't think of rooftops--thanks for the idea! Read our article here: http://blog.17thandriggs.com/2011/04/trendy-tuesdays-not-so-secret-gardens/


Green Enthusiasts + Urban Living = Rooftop Gardens
5/2/11 03:09 PM

These are beautiful! I especially love the comment about using re-cycled materials in your garden.

We recently wrote an article about interesting garden ideas with little space needed, check it out here: http://blog.17thandriggs.com/2011/04/trendy-tuesdays-not-so-secret-gardens/

Designers' Own Gardens: Ideas from Laura Crockett
The Gardenist

4/27/11 02:13 PM

SO adorable! We just wrote an article about how to bring nature into your home for spring but i never thought about rainy weather!


Sun Through the Clouds: Cheery Rain Decor
3/10/11 06:20 PM

So creative and the final product came out stunning! Read about the Sunburst/starburst trend at http://blog.17thandriggs.com/2011/01/the-sunburst-design-trend/

DIY Project: Michelle's Super Sized Sunburst Mirror
2/10/11 10:46 PM


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