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My sympathies, Discerning!

My advice to myself is 'be here now'. Too often, my head is somewhere else while my body is rushing around the house.

Last fall, broke an already tender arthritic toe by looking at something momentarily interesting off to the left while rushing forward. Slammed that toe into the brass cuff at the base of a chair leg. Dumb.

Burned myself on the handle of a cast iron pan I had just taken out of a very hot oven, because I forgot to drape an oven mitt over the handle.

Cleaned my contact lens with Kiehl's moisturizer. This wasn't dangerous, just a waste as I had to toss out the lens.

Okay, enough...

Stay Safe: Everyday Dangers at Home
2/24/14 03:09 PM

Wow, nice job! I'm inspired... wasn't feeling too excited about doing any part of this kitchen clean up tomorrow, but I'd like to see a cupboard or two looking as happy as your 'after' shot!

I have a Brother label maker. It didn't cost much and my herbs and spices are in a lower drawer, so the labels go on the lids. The mismatched jars and lids all look more cohesive somehow. Or so I tell myself.

Elizabeth's Cure: The Kitchen Cleanup Liveblogging the January Cure 2014
1/10/14 07:38 PM

These are all great ideas! Another one... very simple and fast esp if you don't use the light a lot (so won't have to worry about frequent changes) is to use three oversize incandescent bulbs with opaque glass... Looks kind of mod and deliberate, not too expensive & no work.

Ideas for Ceiling Fixture without Rewiring? Good Questions
1/2/14 10:13 AM

Oops, should be Sucre (without the accent... ). As written it means 'sugared'. The other two are correct. I agree with the previous commenters... A very little of this goes a long way before it risks looking like a big cliche (sorry don't know how to produce an accent on this phone keyboard). A bit can be fun, though. I like the striped tablecloth.

French Farmhouse Decor: 10 DIY Projects for a Rustic, Relaxed & Refined Look
12/20/13 07:40 AM


Nursery Decor Fit for Kim & Kanye
3/27/13 06:34 AM

Running out of ideas? There is a curious sad randomness to this post. It was obviously going to offend many people, for many reasons, most of them good. But I wonder if it's also a sign that Maxwell has become bored with the whole premise of AT and its obsessive status-bound (in one way or another) cataloguing of the minutiae of domestic life. On a day when there is so much serious stuff going on in the world, all this shrieking about the sad ugly tea cozy seems like a sign that we've all lost our way.

Rabbit Fur Tea Cozy
3/26/13 11:18 PM

Yeah, count me in the non-feather licking crowd.

Tricia rose, people who understand and respect their environment, whatever it is, are more likely to be robust.

Old Arab expression: trust in God and tie up your camel!
Then wash your hands. (I added that last bit).

A very robust paediatrician in the

Decorating with Feathers: Ideas & Inspirations
2/26/13 10:37 PM

We have used tension rods and rings with built-in clips at the half way point of several windows. They're hung with fabric panels (we used plain white cotton MS tea towels which like all Martha Stewart stuff, were deep discounted when she went to jail, so I bought a bunch on spec). You could use any fabric you like. The effect is like cafe curtains. The white fabric allows privacy but some light comes through. This project took all of five minutes to hang and was inexpensive. It looks tidy and inoffensive... was intended to be temporary, but has been okay enough that I've lived with them for a couple of years...

Ideas for Privacy without Blocking Ventilation? Good Questions
2/18/13 01:46 PM

um, no (turns away quickly to remove the image from her memory)

Buy or DIY: Punchy Patchwork Seating
2/16/13 01:12 PM

I feel a bit sad too! I've done a lot of Cure things this month... started strong and faded a bit mid-stream... but I've recently also really registered that A LOT of non-Cure progress has also occurred... my beloved and I have finally got around to working on our wills with our notary... we hope to be around for a long time, but realize this is part of being organized - and centred - in our lives. I've felt strongly prompted (and ready) to push myself to improve my time management and nutrition and level of activity... and it's really all come together this month. I'm happy with the results. It's as though the Cure has spread its influence into my health and finances and even my spiritual wellbeing. Spooky! So... I'll tackle things like the bathroom cabinet and the mirror frame refinishing in the next little while.... but for now, would like to celebrate the trend and the wellbeing that has been generated by all of the little steps forward. Really a great start to the new year. Really. Thank you.

Day 18: Weekend Chores: Flowers, Living Room, Empty Your Outbox Apartment Therapy January Cure
1/25/13 05:58 PM

I have it too... did EVERYONE have one?!

How To Spruce Up Craigslist Vanity? Good Questions
1/22/13 10:53 PM

Yeah and bye bye to the white porcelain knobs...

Updates for Country Kitchen on a Limited Budget? Good Questions
1/21/13 08:24 PM

Painting the cabinets will be a lot of work, but if done properly as advised by many posters here, will be a relatively inexpensive way to transform the entire feel of the room. We did this in our 1870 country kitchen with 1970s knotty pine cupboards right after moving in and have never looked back. It was worth every moment spent sanding, dusting, priming (with special attention to the knots) and taping off hardware and the final result... a very soft Farrow and Ball green, brightened the room and made it look more historically appropriate at the same time. Count me among those who find knotty pine dirty and dark looking... especially in a kitchen. Congratulations on your new home! It's your design lab to experiment in. The worst that can happen is that you repaint or remove some cabinets...

Updates for Country Kitchen on a Limited Budget? Good Questions
1/21/13 08:21 PM

Niabassett and Huxley, you crack me up!

Small Tricks, Big Difference for an Evolving Home
12/12/12 10:52 PM

Sharpies smear so smudgily... seems self-evidently seat-defeating to me.

DIY Idea: IKEA Chair Transformation Little Green Notebook
11/27/12 11:22 PM

This really cries out for a floor plan. I have no sense of how it all fits together. I think there are some sweet vignette shots, but a story that starts out by telling me that a couple of creative architects have imaginatively transformed a 600 s.f. 113 year old farmhouse in the country FIVE minutes from downtown L.A., raises all kinds of intriguing possibilities for inspiration which aren't adequately fulfilled by the choice of images.

Two Architects Create Their Own Home in a 1909 HouseHouse Tour
9/21/12 01:44 AM

I have shed a lot of unwanted extras in the following ways...

vases - local convalescent home and seniors' residences (often people get flowers without vases)

towels and sheets - local vet's clinic

the dreaded 'bag of bags' - when full, the bag goes to the local Sally Ann or charity shop... they are especially happy to get sturdy bags with handles, either paper or plastic

winter woolies (and big pieces of fleece for which I have no plan - cut the fleece into generous scarves or shawls and bag them up with the woolies (thick socks, hats, mitts and gloves) and give them (in winter) to the director of one of our local inner city community centres which serves a lot of poor, near-homeless and homeless folk who often turn up very inadequately dressed in our brutal winters... they're happy to have something to grab and give and treat it as recycling 'lost' items to save face

magazines in good shape - hospital volunteer auxiliary

teen magazines - local mental health outpatient clinic waiting room

unwanted furniture - local community email newsletter - lots of great recycling

I really like SueDC's idea of recycling sheets and domestic supplies on CL... more purging to be done in that department and I'll likely do that...

12 Things You Probably Own Too Many Of
6/7/12 10:55 AM

I second Yeah, I Answer to Red and Carrih and Library Shark... it's refreshing to see a space which is about the owners' interesting preferences, instead of adhering to some impersonal standard. But from some of the negative comments, it's not predictable enough for people who can only relate well to more of the generic catalogue of white subway tile, granite countertops, a bowl with green apples in it and stainless steel everything. Yawn.

I enjoyed looking at the additional images on the owners' website... the ceiling is original and the building is 1890s. The room is irregular and the unfitted look complements the age and character of the building... love it. All of it!

Before & After: A Brooklyn Kitchen Remodel WREN handmade
6/4/12 06:43 PM

Loved this post, thank you, it's both well-written and practically useful! Completely agree about the mirror/crib/child's room comments, though.

Tricks of the Trade: 5 Smart Ways To Use Mirrors In Small Spaces
4/10/12 11:48 PM

We heat with wood (clean burning woodstove) and constantly experiment and one-up each other with our fire-starting skills. It's like fish stories. Must be hard-wired into human nature! This looks like a fun thing to try. One advantage of twisting and rolling the newspaper is likely to be less floating flaming ash. So there may be something to it.

How To Start a Fire with Allie via Domino
One Minute Tip

4/4/12 11:43 AM