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can anyone tell the source of the chairs seen in the waiting room before you enter the main bedroom!?!? been looking for that exact chair.


House Tour: Jon Improves on the Stark White BoxNew York | Apartment Therapy New York
1/17/10 03:26 PM

oh man! I'd be making all kinds of flan in these cutsie dishes! Love them!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Le Creuset Mini-Cocottes (and What To Put In Them)
6/30/09 01:00 PM

I've never cooked with actual truffles, but enjoy them tremendously. I recently had truffle saffron risotto in Monaco and i have to say it was the best stuff ever!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What's the Deal with Truffles?
5/8/09 11:55 AM

sushi on the plane? interesting, but not so much...

I love to take chopped up mango, almonds, nut and m&m mix, dried fruit, cottage cheese and pineapple and always, always a good piece of chocolate!

happy and safe travels.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What Foods Can You Carry On The Plane?
5/19/08 06:03 PM

I love this! I want to it right NOW!!!!!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Recipe: Breakfast Poha
4/3/08 07:38 AM

oh this blessed day!

these look really good.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Bittersweet Honorable Mention: Best Valentine Treat
2/14/08 08:34 AM

Lovely plate... where from?

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Bittersweet Baking Runner Up: Shelly's Brownie Cookies
2/6/08 05:03 PM

Give them a chance!!! they had to get the post up!!! Did you see the Republicans one???

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Vote! 2008 Candidate Aprons
2/5/08 05:20 PM

Melinda, you got it right! Skim milk and splenda... before I quit!! I don't really miss drinking coffee, though I totally cheat with having put some in my flan last week. It was really good I have to say! :)


Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Lunchtime Survey: How Do You Drink Your Coffee?
2/5/08 05:18 PM

Bustelo also makes a really good one...it costs a bit more than the regular espresso that needs to be pressed... for a savings of 3 minutes and cleaning an espresso maker, I supposed the extra $1.50 MIGHT be worth it! :)


Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Pantry Basics: What Is Espresso Powder?
1/30/08 07:15 AM

Oops.. I meant Cuban espresso maker not French press... i was looking at the thumbnail picture on this post ;)

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | It's Coffee Week - Where's Your Mug?
1/29/08 06:23 AM

I was an addict up until 2 months ago. I literally use to have the equivalent of 4 American cups a day--of Cuban espresso! Can you imagine what it was like! I'd even have a cup as late as 9 pm and then complain when 3 am rolled around and I was wide awake and hungry! My friend urged me to quit and so I did--overnight. (note I had *cups* and not *shots*).

I don't really miss it. Interestingly enough. However, I found good use for my Bustelo espresso two weeks ago when I made an espresso flan! OMG! It was to die for. I think it's my new favorite dessert.

So my way of making coffee is in a French press, found very commonly in Latin kitchens to make espresso every morning!
I won't give mine up, in case I have withdrawal--but it's securely stored for now...

Check out my coffee flan recipe if you like, try it and thoroughly enjoy it! http://www.flanboyanteats.com/cooking_recipes/a-midnight-snack-better-than-se/

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | It's Coffee Week - Where's Your Mug?
1/29/08 06:17 AM

Does it have to be original or can it be a recipe we've done before?


Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Bittersweet Baking Contest
1/19/08 12:02 PM

oooh... thanks for the heads up. I'm much better with online reading than paper, these days. Much easier unless
they come in my mailbox. (hint to self).

will look forward to reading old and well written essays.

Good job.


Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Weekend Reading: Gourmet's Archives
1/19/08 11:32 AM

i'd put guava with some mint on top! yum!


Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Flickr Find: Tiny Fruit Pies
1/17/08 07:10 PM

i want everything on your site!!! everything!!
this takes me back to old school desks we used to sit in; only with a chic and updated look.

Great stuff!


Apartment Therapy Chicago | Autoban by De La Espada: Three New Products
1/17/08 06:48 PM