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How about a 50/50 substitution of honey and black treacle for the rice syrup?

Weekend Snack Recipe: Homemade Power Bars
4/23/11 05:10 PM

I do six dozen muffins and six dozen pancakes in a go, open-freeze them and then bag them up. On a non-porridge day, I either defrost them the night before or give them 3 minutes in the microwave to have breakfast for the whole family on the table in under 5 minutes.

Reader Intelligence: Best Make-Ahead Breakfasts?
4/11/11 07:54 AM

I loved my fruitcake wedding cake- and I like the tradition of it too, with the dried fruits representing richness and plenty. Good luck for a wedding!
Our family wedding cake recipe is completely different to our Christmas cake recipe though- more fat, more alcohol, less flour.

A Royal Dessert: Will & Kate's Biscuit-Filled Wedding Cake
4/1/11 09:39 AM

My mum has always had electric. Other things- don't turn the heat way up high to begin with. You can bring water to the boil at a 4 instead of a six. Use aluminium-based pans, which respond quickly to changes in temperature- or copper or stainless steel.

The 2-Burner Trick: How to Cook on an Electric Stove
3/29/11 06:19 AM

Look at the techniques you want to teach. Squeezing citrus fruit is fun, and can lead into a salad dressing or a juice. Slicing (we have the easy cutters from Pampered Chef, and my 2yo can cut safely with them) can lead to salad, snacks and soup. Whisking can be a batter, like yorkshire puddings, a dutch baby or a clafoutis. At 2, most of my children have been allowed to stir a pot AS LONG as they are the only child in the kitchen and I'm right there with them- but obviously, YMMV.

What Are Some Healthy Dishes To Cook With My Toddler?
Good Questions

3/15/11 06:37 AM

I've never had a problem with grease wafting onto clothes, let along into the washing machine. It's pretty common here in the UK to keep your washing machine in the kitchen, unless you have a utility room- sometimes, even then.

Kitchens Doing Doubletime
3/11/11 06:41 PM

I think you could argue that a handmade cradle made with skill, care and attention by someone checking every single step of the process is actually likely to be safer than a flat-pack. I don't like this one, for a number of reasons, but I don't agree that mass produced is always better.

The Ultimate Homemade Crib
2/18/11 12:28 PM

I use mine to make life simpler- if I make a batch of pancakes and freeze them in advance, I'll use the microwave to defrost and heat them when we're pushed for time in the morning. Same with muffins.

I also use it a lot for heating convenience foods- like baked beans (I'm a brit.) It's so much more environmentally friendly than turning the hob on. I start my baked potatoes in there too- 15 minutes in the microwave and then 20 in the oven.
Oh, and a steamed pudding from scratch, in the microwave- 7 minutes for the ultimate comfort food.

Warming Food and...? How Do You Use Your Microwave?
2/8/11 07:07 AM

How have we got this far without mentioning Cliff Richard?

Double Decker Days: DIY Vacation Home

2/4/11 07:37 PM

Megly, I'd be mortified to learn that a veg*n had put their principles aside rather than tell me they have dietary preferences. Absolutely humiliated, that they assume that I wouldn't take a teeny bit of extra trouble for my guests.
By your reasoning, the eggs have been laid that will be hatched, raised and in the supermarkets as processed nuggets in July. Those birds will have died in vain if we suddenly stop eating chicken, so nobody should ever make a change in their diet.

Flexitarians: Newest Diet Fad or Sensible Lifestyle?
2/3/11 11:31 AM