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We just do like our salsa and guacamole loving cousins in Mexico and put out each bowl of dip with a small spoon for putting stuff on your chip or cracker.

Then nobody dips at all, not even once.

The Science Behind Double Dipping | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
12/5/09 02:20 PM

I just bought a beautiful translucent green 1" thick remnant from 3Form's Reclaim website for only $30, going to cut it into a 2' by 2' to mount on a pedestal table base for a little breakfast table. I'll post pictures if it works out.

Apartment Therapy New York | 3form Material Solutions
1/15/09 02:17 PM

Grrretchen, where is your store? Are you in the SF Bay Area by any chance? I'd like to check one of these out in person.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Blomus Freestanding Fireplace?
12/13/08 03:49 PM

Thanks for all the links to your research, Coristyle. Did you end up getting one after all? I was told the Eco Smart meets San Francisco code for multi-unit dwellings but I don't know about the Blomus.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Blomus Freestanding Fireplace?
12/10/08 06:42 PM

We very much wanted to install Vetrazzo or another recycled product in our kitchen but the cost would have been astronomical, about 5K for a tiny amount of counter space. We ended up going with prefabricated granite slabs and doubled the size of our countertops for half the Vetrazzo estimate. Sigh- it's not easy trying to be green.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Recycled Glass Counters
5/13/08 07:16 PM

We live in a converted factory with cement floors and somewhat ragged bottom seams along the walls. It doesn't look terrible but we're finally going to give in and try 5.5" unfinished baseboard that we'll either lightly stain or paint to blend with the wall. It's got a tiny bit of shape to it but hopefully will just look flat. I agree with the above, vinyl is pretty awful.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Baseboard Rule for Concrete Floors?
3/21/08 03:39 PM

We have a memory foam mattress from a company based in Pennsylvania called Bergad. I think it matches the more firm of the Tempurpedics and was about half the price, made in the US, shipped to us with zero hassle and even included some pillows that they threw in. We LOVE it. http://www.bergad.com/

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Firsthand Accounts of Tempur-pedic Mattresses?
3/18/08 09:05 AM

Does anyone know if those chairs are available in the US?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Colorful Interior Doors
3/12/08 06:23 PM

Nothing I could find unfortunately.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: Where Can I Find This Chair?
2/13/08 07:31 AM

I'm pretty sure that tile is by Oceanside Glass for Ann Sacks. We considered it for a kitchen backsplash recently but our installer said it chips even more than other glass tile usually does. So we opted for another glass tile that was a little easier to install, beautiful (and cheaper) too.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Blogging The Oregonian: Modern Marriage
1/17/08 05:32 PM