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It just dawned on me that the reason I already have a similar routine is because Mr. Rogers taught me!!!!!

Day 8: Establish a Landing Strip
The 20/20 Home Cure

12/14/11 01:24 PM

I'm late on the game here--but it's a do. And I think it can be a do in other rooms too, but you should go a few shades lighter in that case. My mother recently redid her entire house, and all of the ceilings are a light celedon green, like a dawn-time stormy sky.

She's the one that suggested we paint our ceiling (in the bedroom) after painting the bottom half. We did, and it now looks great!

Matching Ceiling Paint: Design Do or Don't?
7/7/11 12:31 PM

Nothing to contribute on the topic, but OMG that's my favorite linen bedspread from AREA HOME that years ago I had to give up. Sadly, mine just was too worn out. It's lovely though!

Furry Bedfellows: Do You Sleep with Your Pet?
NY Times

2/19/11 11:59 PM

also this one is nice, but different:

Source For Duvet Cover?
Good Question

1/24/11 12:21 AM

I did a quick google based on the comment about the store on halsted; i looked up their yelp listing and checked out the photos. there were some similar prints in a pillow by Ann Gish; It looks like it's fairly likely it was hers, you might check ebay for older models floating around.

Also, this is nice:
And that's the store's website.

Source For Duvet Cover?
Good Question

1/23/11 05:31 PM