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The Presidio is indeed a beautiful corner of a beautiful city -- it's not really a neighborhood per-se as there are no services, shops, etc. in the Presidio proper (many of the places mentioned are technically in the "Marina", "Cow Hollow", etc.), but for a former military installation, it is quite bucolic and folks who are able to score a place to live there are lucky indeed -- some of the officer's homes are amazing (the barracks -- not so much).

It will be interesting to see what the next decade brings to the area. In the past decade, the only thing SF could agree upon was to let Lucas move in (and turned down a world-class art museum, university campus, etc.). It would be nice to see it transform into a proper neighborhood and make use of the amazing space (without somehow spoiling it).

However, the true beauty of the place doesn't translate well through the hipstamatic-ness of the iPhone pictures, imho. My hope is that future neighborhood tours will feature better images of the locations.

Emmy's Guide to the Presidio
San Francisco, California

9/27/10 08:36 PM

recessionistas: my wife and i scour flea markets and estate sales for lots of great finds, offer many up for sale on her etsy site... and from the proceeds have been able to fund a few of these "outrageously expensive symbols of consumerism" (some second-hand)... so, i thank you for your own -- albeit ironic -- consumeristic tendencies to buy vintage and secondhand... and your willingness to pay to ship that widget 3K miles.

however, it's worth noting that i plan on owning my (__ herman miller/knoll this-that__) a lot longer than you'll be owning your dumpster find that you spent lots of time, excess materials and toxic chemicals to refinish... and after all of that, you still have a milk-painted, yellow-pine this-end-up dresser with limited second-hand re-sale value whereas my (___) will last about 38-minutes on craigslist before it goes to the next happy home.

On Judging Expensive Products and People Who Buy Them
8/2/10 11:58 AM

if you do decide *not* to rent, please make sure you tell the landlord exactly why... and that the choices of their tenants (and what they allow in the space) effect them as well (i.e.: the rentability of adjacent spaces).

Should Smokers Downstairs Be a Deal Breaker?
Good Questions

7/30/10 04:41 PM

these guys have been "closing" for years...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Late-Breaking Sale: American Modern Furniture
6/12/08 01:25 PM

this tool has always worked well for us (and we've used it lots and done los of painting... having renovated/updated 3 homes in 8 years). like any tools, though, each has an ideal/intended purpose -- uneven, unlevel surfaces are not ideal for this one as mentioned. however, on fresh drywall, it can't be beat and if adjusted/used correctly does not leave the mentioned gap. imho, it gives a line better than a pro-freehand (sorry, true), but not quite as nice as a perfect (non-bleed) tape line. there are "cheap" versions though and i've found the sureline to be the best. the microhairs do have a tendency to pull out, so careful with thick/heavy/drying paint.

Apartment Therapy New York | Survey: Are Paint Edgers Worth It?Boston
6/12/08 06:54 AM

edit: 1400BTU is overkill for a bedroom anyway (unless you live in an un-airconditioned palace).

should read: 14000BTU... the sharp i mentioned is 11.5K. they sell it at fry's and i think i saw a black model at home depot, oddly enough (both in concord).

we have a 12KBTU mini-split head cooling a 15X20X10 room with no problems. for the average sized bedroom, 8K should be plenty (we have 7K cooling a bedroom and part of a hallway...)... and in the deep east bay, it gets toasty.

best of luck.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: How Can I Disguise Air Conditioner Hoses?
6/11/08 11:14 PM

wow. @ $650 each... very, very cost prohibitive. back to the empty pickle vat idea for 1/10th the cost...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Rainwater Hog at Dwell on Design
6/11/08 09:04 PM

these can actually be decent units if used properly -- much better, perhaps, than a fixed wall unit as you can move them completely out of sight when out of season. however, the dual hose is a bit of a problem -- i'd have not gone that route (the sharp CVP12LX is one of the quietest and a single hose). 1400BTU is overkill for a bedroom anyway (unless you live in an un-airconditioned palace).

we'll likely run a similar single-hose set-up and vent it through the wall "dryer style" and when not in use, cover the 5in hole with a custom plate (think: hooking a hose to a shop-vac when picturing the attachment)... much better in the winter than looking at an AC. while this doesn't immediately help, perhaps something to think about during the next heat wave when everyone is looking for ACs on craigslist (i.e.: you might consider the above single-hose idea and hold your dual-hose for resale at a later date.)...

sorry no idea for the immediate problem.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: How Can I Disguise Air Conditioner Hoses?
6/11/08 08:56 PM

there are many varieties of emeco knock-off stools like this, but in all, there are bar-height (30in) and counter-height (24in) stools. nothing in between in a non-adjustable model (of course, there will be variation in each style, but...). it seems weird that one of the two won't work... is the counter really that short? how about some jacobsen-like stools -- the chrome legs would be easier to saw.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Similar Style Barstool?
6/5/08 03:33 PM

depending on how brave you are (and/or the relationship with the LL)... i'd suggest to paint the walls the color you want and simply paint them back when you move out. just do it (at your cost) and don't make a big deal out of it (and don't paint anything that can't be "unpainted" like cabinets). most leases simply state that the residence has to be the same state as when you received it (and nothing stipulated about the specifics)... life is far too short (and paint too cheap) to live in a cantaloupe econobox. from the landlord's POV, he/she can kick you out yet still be stuck for several months with a mortgage and no tenant -- not it's a no-win for them... hopefully your landlord will see the value of a long-term happy tenant.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: Help with Our Dogpatch Loft?
6/5/08 03:19 PM

... a bit off topic, but did you pay for the corbis photo above? if not, you're clearly violating the user-agreement of the stock photo site and essentially cheating the photographer out of royalties by using it on this very public, advertising-funded site. boo.

Apartment Therapy New York | Do You DIY at Home?
6/5/08 06:41 AM

wondering about the dining room table, too... i bookmarked the photo for a later design-build, but would love to know where it came from...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | A Modern Minnesota HomeCookie Nesting Blog 04.2008
4/25/08 07:41 PM

another reader dismayed by the shameless ad masquerading as a post... more more saddened by the "everyone else is doing it" defense. traditional media (TV, magazines, etc.) have declining readership specifically because of things like this -- while blogs (like AT) attracted viewers by their more independent spirit and less "sponsored" reporting of the topics they covered... so because magazines do this all the time is exactly why self-respecting blogs should NOT do it. while no one's against a living wage, since blogs are alternative media, how about seeking out alternative revenue-generating ideas?... otherwise, methinks, AT has become exactly what it began as an alternative to.

Apartment Therapy New York | Room Board Presents: A Workspace that Actually Works
4/18/08 07:48 AM

try rakks... rakks.com. these can be made "invisible" and let the wood give you the rustic feeling...

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: What Type of Brackets Do We Need?
3/2/08 04:59 AM

as mentioned, very similar to the new fastback case-study bed that modernica is making. and as mentioned, more sturdy than it looks...

Apartment Therapy New York | Hot or Not? The Thin Edge Bed by George Nelson
3/2/08 04:57 AM

i reeealy like that space, but i'm a sucker for boxy minimalism... as a general rule, divergency of scale and asymmetry are good things that help to add visual interest to a space (as our eye/mind naturally wants a state of symmetry, asymmetry wakes up the senses). in that vein, one thing that comes to mind is an element of scale (large print/art leaning in the center space replacing the horiz. piece which is ill-sized) and asymmetry that seems to be missing. other posters have mentioned large pieces and i'd agree, but a pair of anything will tend to over-formalize the already brutal space (good for buddhist temples, bad for mantles). others have mentioned the removal of the mirrors (i'd agree) and the addition of built-ins... however, unless you have some really nice books to display, i'd keep the built-ins down below as built-ins to replace the mirrors calls for a set of first-edition hemmingway (not paperback danielle steele). the TV and videos seems crammed in that space. i'd suggest moving the TV to a place that doesn't compete with the same-size-y-ness of the fireplace itself or think about doors to cover the mess. i'd also urge you to avoid the knick-knacky trappings of dried flowers and small tschokies... you don't *need* to fill every nook and cranny with "decor"... less is more.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Decorating a Boxy Mantel?
2/6/08 04:32 AM

kelso/manuein = good links... thanks. can't seem to find a price on either site, but when it comes time for us to need something like them, i think i'll plunk down $75 for a drill press and $100 for materials and have fun with the drill press for years to come.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: How Do I Make (or Where Do I Buy) These Dividers?
1/18/08 08:19 AM

having lived in one of the shady-est parts of oakland, the light will likely not help the crime as much as a lucid citizen might think... those down and out enough to defecate on a sidewalk will do so -- light or no light. regardless of the neighbor's tone, the right thing to do, methinks, would be to have the light removed and to chase down alternate solutions: security cams (or just signs stating that the area is under watch), a more robust neighborhood watch program... lighting will do little without other efforts to back it up and will be more of an annoyance neighborhood-wide. you'd also be surprised what a camera will do. keep a cheap digital or disposable camera close at hand and routinely take pictures of folks who "do not belong" in the area (i.e.: no one living or visiting the complex). let them see you snapping a picture. when asked, say that you are documenting your neighborhood and that photography in a public space is perfectly legal -- however trespassing is not (and install no trespassing signs to back you up). when folks know they're being watched and recorded (to presumably pass on to the LAPD), you'd be amazed at how behavior falls in line with social norms.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | One Bright Light One Angry Neighbor = One Big Headache
1/18/08 07:37 AM

depending on your relationship with your landlord, be honest with them about your feelings... you're their "customer". you might petition him/her to install carpeting (or other floor covering) more to your liking... with rents these days, if you were to decide to move, they'd likely be out-of-pocket (rent-wise) for at least a month... and a month's rent will buy a lot of carpet. perhaps you can even offer to split the cost in installing something that you (and likely the next tenant -- a good angle for landlord-interest) might like. heck, at more than a dollar per square-foot rental costs, even something like pergo looks like a good option when you compare SF flooring costs to SF out-of-pocket loss (rent-wise) for your landlord.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Dealing with The Ugly Brown Carpet in a Rental?
1/18/08 07:20 AM

they're probably a site-specific installation, but i thought the same thing when looking at them for the first time (hmmm. where can i get some'a'dat?)... they should not be too hard to make. with a drill (or ideally a drill press), uniformly (or randomly) drill either straight or slightly angled holes (depending on your wants) into a piece of wood sized for your needs... the nicer, milled oak and maple or poplar at big orange might work as a base. then, of course, drill a hole the size of the dowel you have, a bad of glue and insert... dowels can get pricey, though... for a more rustic look, gather twigs or bamboo and find a low, wide trough or paper bucket depending on your final wants (or make a form from scraps of wood). cut a piece of chicken-wire to fit the inside of the container (bending the cut ends down so as to let it stand up a bit -- the wire adds base structure spacing and final rigidity), place sticks in the trough and arrange to your liking (use tape or balled up newspaper to space and arrange). mix up some fence-post concrete (or other quick setting blend), pour, let harden, remove the form and bracing and enjoy.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: How Do I Make (or Where Do I Buy) These Dividers?
1/17/08 01:58 PM