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Whatever money you think you're saving buying used furniture would be wiped out if you get bed bugs. I got them from moving into an infested apartment in NYC, and it's easily cost me $2,500 to rid myself of them. (BTW in NY the landlord is required to exterminate, but not many will deal with it properly, or they are in denial about it.) It's not that big an issue in Chicago, YET. But, I see from the Bed Bug Registry that there's a growing bedbug problem on the northeast side, from Rogers Park to Lincoln Park, and also in the Loop.
Check out this map: http://bedbugregistry.com/metro/chicago/

My advice is, if you live in a metropolitan area that has been affected by bed bugs, don't buy used furniture from ANYONE unless you know them personally (and know their house is pest-free). It's just not worth the risk. Bed bugs unbelievably expensive and difficult to eradicate, never might the social stigma of having them, the fear of sleeping, anxiety, and stress. I live in constant fear of getting them again. They are like the pest spawned from Satan, I kid you not. I might have to move back to Chicago to get away from them, so please don't spread them around Chicago!

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