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I have been really busy decorating my apartment as well as working with clients, I didn't really get a chance to check out apartment therapy until now. Anyway, I received my lounge chair and ottoman from mcmclassics 3 weeks ago. I am really happy with the purchase. The leather is buttery and smooth to the touch. I actually disassembled both the chairs and the ottoman to see the parts they are using and I must say that I am really impressed. I removed all the cushions, unzipped them and look inside and it is true aniline leather. The foams are wrapped in a silk-like fabric. I removed the arms and the core is actually made with metal and not wood!! I am delighted. I removed the metal plates that connect the arms to the lower back seat and they are indeed rubber. I rocked it back and forth. I think it doesn't stretch as much as the Herman miller version but it is still comfortable. The walnut shell is beautiful. it matches the credenza I got from Gus modern. A word of advise, if you are over 6' tall, you may find this chair too low and can't rest your head. I am 5'7" so it is just right for me. It 's not a recliner so it doesn't recline!! I also bought an eames leather office chair, a ligne togo sectional, a 36" saarinen table, a plywood chair in red and florence knoll sofa from them. Gosh!! I think my whole house looks like their showroom!! Overall I am happy with the purchase. The only bad thing is they ship out my order piece by piece instead of all at once.

New, Used & Reproduction: Eames Lounge Modern Classic Source List
4/27/13 09:43 AM

Here are my two cents worth. I have checked out a Ligne Roset store and tested out the Togo sofa and honestly I don't think it is worth US$12,000 price tag!! It is made with Foam for crying out loud!! I have seen one that is 1/10 of the price and just as comfortable as Ligne's Togo. Look the same and sit a little firmer but still comfortable which wrap around your body. They also use a different kind of fabric as Ligne uses. I believe this company called their version "Sharpei" sectional (like the wrinkly dog). I have recommended a 5 piece set for a client in Purple and he loves it!! I am now furnishing a club and I am going to order a set in orange, black and red

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4/13/13 04:41 PM

I finally found one from mcmclassics that looks and sits just like the original including the cushions, the shock mounts, all the bells and whistles!! They only stocked in black leather and walnut however I can order any colors I wanted but there's a 12 weeks wait. I decided to get the black and walnut instead. Probably easier to match my other furniture too since I own quite a few walnut pieces.

New, Used & Reproduction: Eames Lounge Modern Classic Source List
3/8/13 08:50 AM

I bought 2 red ones from mcmclassics at $135 each. It is the best version I have ever seen. The only thing is I need to set them up myself but hey for $135, I really don't mind. My next purchase will be their eames Lounge chair which they call it Charles lounge chair. Now I just need to find one to sit before buying it!!

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2/15/13 11:04 PM

I am the biggest fan of the eames lounge chair but paying $4500 for the chair and ottoman is not affordable. So I decided to take my chances on the reproductions. Here are my two cents:
1) Kardiel. Nice reproduction but it doesn't sit like the original. The rubber shock mount that connect the arm and the back is missing hence the tilt tension are not there. The cushions are removable but they are hooked onto two knob-like which proven to be flimsy. I ordered a Palisander wood shell but what I got was "unknown" wood stained in Palisander color. Totally unacceptable. Needless to say, I decided to sell it on craigslist at cost. I don't even know what color I should list "Dark Walnut" or "Dark Cherry". Well after few months, the chair is sold for $750!!
2) Coolchairz: Don't bother. The description says Walnut but the picture shows Palisander. When I ask them, they told me that Palisander and Walnut are almost the same. The last I checked Palisander and Walnut look very different. They didn't know if their cushions are removable or if they have the rubber shock mounts under the arms. So I passed!
3) Rove Concepts: seem to be a really good reproduction but again no mention of the rubber shock mount under the arms and removable cushions. Again I am not willing to spend $1300 to test the chair.

Last I bought one that was sold by Amazon for $799. Well, the leather is of sub-par quaity, no rubber shock mounts, non removable cushions...and after a few weeks, the button came off, and the back broke!!

The moral of the story: a car that looks like a Ferrari but doesn't drive like a Ferrari is NOT a Ferrari!! Just like the Eames lounge chair, I love the design but foremost I love how it sits where you can just fall asleep in it. And I believe the key are i) the rubber shock mount (which allow one to stretch and lean backward), ii) removable cushions so that one can repair if in case the button(s) does come off. iii) well built. Not a bunch of wood screws trying to keep all components together!! Alas my search for the perfect reproduction continue. Or shall I just save up and buy the original one??

New, Used & Reproduction: Eames Lounge Modern Classic Source List
1/31/13 09:29 PM

As a designer; we always work with clients of various budget. It's all about affordability. If you make $100K a month then this chair is cheap. If you can afford it then why not; if you don't then get a good quality reproduction. I told my clients of the pros and cons of these two options and you'll have to decide. I have seen and bought good quality reproduction of the womb chair in wool as well as the Eames lounge chair and they're a fraction of the price...$1000 vs $4800. And the reproduction came with 5 year service protection plan. Needless to say most of my clients opt for the reproduction and they're happy with it. As for buying the original; to be honest, it won't appreciate value infact no one will buy a used womb chair. Will you buy a used chair where you don't even know who has been sitting on it? I hope not. I think the Knoll and Herman Miller's are way overpriced. A Knoll Leather Sofa for $13000? Puhleeze

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1/21/11 06:35 PM