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We're planning on grilling:

Mini burgers
marinated chicken
carne asada
grilled corn in husk
yellow squash and zuchinni
hot dogs and sausages

Does anyone have any suggestions of keeping the flies away? I have citronella but it only works for mosquitos and the yellow jackets that I have seen.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Open Thread 160
7/3/08 07:51 AM

I use the ones from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They have a lil cover on them since i'm afraid of stuff getting in.

I have one filled w/ Olive oil and the other w/ vegetable oil. They look so pretty next to each other and also the color contrast.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Lab-Inspired Glass Cruets from Chef's Planet
4/14/08 03:19 PM

My husband and I also noticed that too. We thought it was my plants out on the balcony so we headed over to Home Depot for some help. We didn't want to hang those sticky fly traps anywhere. They suggest a perimeter spray and spray my plants.

I'll definitely give your mixture a shot since it's non chemical. I worry for my dogs.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Gnat Gonna Live With It: Getting Rid of Indoor Gnats
3/25/08 10:48 AM

That's such a gorgeous train case. It'll definitely help me pack when I go on my wkend getaways w/ my hubbie.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Thursday Giveaway: 03.20.08
3/21/08 07:55 AM

I'm a magazine whore.

Martha Stewart Living
Martha Stewart Food
Real Simple
previously Blueprint
Money Inc.

Sometimes I'll pick up others when I find the cover interesting. I read them immediately like a fiend. I'm done in about two days. Rip out the pages I like and store them in a folder.

I recycle them by dispersing them to my friends' businesses for the waiting room. Or give them out to friends.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Survey: Come Clean, How Many Magazines Do You Get A Month?
3/19/08 03:55 PM

I'm so glad I read this article. My husband and I just moved to a condo from a tiny apt. and we are looking to furnish it. I heard that Levitz is going out of business and was saddened by the news. I too will miss hearing the jingle. I grew up w/ Levitz furniture, when my parents took me there to look for couches. [lame i know]

I went to the Rosemead Levitz and they said they will be around for another 2mths before actually closing their doors. We went to take a look and everything was sold as is. The prices are decent and a lot of customers. Unfortunately we walked out empty handed. Hopefully I'll find something before my options run out.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Love Affair Has Ended
1/17/08 08:26 AM