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Thanks for all the positive comments! Yes, it's a small space on a small budget, but I do love it! Also, if you liked the art, check the link to my blog to learn more about it -

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2/1/11 10:10 AM

Hi again -

@hessilou - I tend to frame my works with UV-plexi, which indeed does protect against damaging sunlight

@splinky - the lucite console is from Crate and Barrel from a few years ago

@lepidoptery - great question about the settee! I actually bought that from a dealer out of state without seeing it in person, I had it shipped directly to my upholster because I knew that the fabric on it was not to my liking. As for the finish, it was a more expensive venture that would require some time and saving first.

Lastly, I only buy one piece of art that I really enjoy a year. I also save for that piece and budget accordingly throughout the year. In the interim, I don't find the need to decorate with posters or other pieces.

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1/22/11 09:55 AM

There were some comments about the art in my apartment - so I thought I would describe a bit more what is in the pictures.

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1/21/11 03:33 PM