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@SweetTea- yes, that is the correct rug. it may look slightly more blue in the photograph.
@krp not in cincinnati- yes, the back splash is steel. we are quite pleased with it. we simply applied a coat of polyurethane to protect the finish and make it easier to clean.
@Glutten for Punishment- the interior door hinges are simple off the shelf satin finish. the exterior door hinges are weldable steel box hinges traditionally used for gate construction.
@anyone that is interested in before pictures, as beth mentioned, she is working on a before/after article- and there are some posted at greenbottleworkshop.com

Matthew & Mikel's DIY Water+Works Remodel
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1/23/11 01:23 PM

Thanks everyone for the kind words.
@jeanieS- it IS a lot of wood. However budget was the primary driver at that point of the project and the larger staircase only cost us about $300 in materials!
@annie-san- yes, the rain is loud on the roof- we installed a spray foam roofing material on top of the roof to help wth insulation and that deadens some of the sound.
@kindled-the floor was coated with a clear sealant from sherwin-williams. (H&C clear gloss)
Thanks again to everyone for all of the feedback!

Matthew & Mikel's DIY Water+Works Remodel
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1/21/11 09:36 AM