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Thanks for posting this! I'd forgotten I'd submitted this last year! My little patio garden has changed quite a bit since these photos! triple the plants, different table, etc.

Lenora's Salad Factory My Great Outdoors
8/19/13 07:11 PM

I have always been a fan of vintage taxidermy peices, particularly birds. I stress VINTAGE here. I choose to have taxidermy birds in my home that I have saved from junk shops, estate sales, thrift shops- etc. I feel I am re-honoring these little guys. I have had a small ledge/wall of taxidermy for many years now, long before it became fashionable again. I am an activist, a feminist, a lover of animals- as are all of my friends- and no one has ever had a problem with my displays. They key is to make it tasteful, and respectful.

As for the term "Decorating with Death"- so be it. I find death to be a beautiful and natural part of life. Along with my taxidermy, I display several bone peices- bones, skulls, etc that I have found in nature while camping, hiking, etc. All carefully and safely collected, disinfected, preserved, etc.

NEVER would I kill something only to display it. Green thinking, found objects and salvaged peices only.

I do not like the growing popularity of taxidermy, and I worry it will cause another wave of killing. Buy vintage peices, or fake peices if you want to jump on the band wagon.

Decorating with Stuffed Birds?
2/4/11 09:22 AM

YES YES YES. I *love* my garlic press. Mine, however is a step up from a simple press...
I used to use the Pampered chef one- however I do extensive cooking with a ridiculous amount of garlic...

I found something randomly while grocery shopping which I now cannot live without, and have since bought for all my friends.

I usually don't buy into all those silly kitchen products, but this one has seriously made my cooking SO much easier. http://www.starfrit.net/garlic-genius-garlic-press---garlik-magik.html ( The Garlic Genius)

Sounds cheesy, but I love it... you dont even have to peel the garlic- pop it in , give it a spin, pull out the stopped and voila the garlic is perfect. More shredded finely than minced.. and this is WAY easier to clean than my garlic press.

I have on I use, and one still in the package incase it ever breaks and I cant find another...seriously, I adore this darn thing .

Garlic Press: Should You Buy One?
1/21/11 08:25 AM