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Mine is $329/yr with a $500 deductible, living in a multi-unit rental in Minnesota. It covers $15K in property and $100K in liability.

How Much Did Your Renters Insurance Cost? Reader Intelligence Request
7/15/14 03:44 PM

If you're leaning towards green, I love a good chalkboard green. Any green shade might leave you feeling like you're living in a treehouse - which is either amazing or terrible, depending on your opinion.

Since blue is the opposite color of the orangey wood, it will make both the paint and the wood seem richer. I personally wouldn't go too primary blue with it, something dusty and aged-looking to blend in with the earthiness of the logs.

Best Paint Colors for Room in Log House? Good Questions
10/2/13 09:50 AM


Alison's Wall Pattern Project: Help! Color?
8/13/13 09:23 AM

Funny, my microwave broke about 4 years ago, and I decided to experiment to see if I really needed one, and I haven't missed it once. I'd much rather have the extra counter space!

Make-Do, Do Without Or, Why Don't I Own A Funnel?
1/21/11 11:27 AM

Also, DO NOT USE BLEACH. If you do, and it ends up turning your bathtub an ugly brown/yellow color, pour hydrogen peroxide over the stains and they'll disappear, almost like magic. Might need a light wipe with a cloth, but shouldn't need scrubbing.

How To Clean a Porcelain Bathtub or Sink
1/20/11 07:20 PM

Two of the walls in my living/dining rooms are Tiffany blue, but I cut it with a couple of camel colored horizontal stripes (6" and 1', with a 6" blue stripe between them), and did the remaining walls in solid camel. It's been on the walls for nearly six years, and it's one of the few paint colors/treatments I've never gotten sick of.

Should I Paint These Walls Tiffany Blue?
1/20/11 04:56 PM