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Emily is AMAZING! So happy to see her featured here!

Anyone who isn't familiar with the lovely Emily definitely needs to make sure to also check out her bathroom reno over at DIY Network.

Emily's Rochester Merrypad
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2/2/12 01:00 PM

My husband and I removed a really low hanging ceiling fan from our living room earlier this year. It was on the opposite side of the room from the couch, it wasn't moving enough air to be helpful air, and tall friends kept hitting their heads on the light kit. We just bought a Hunter Elite Series table fan in oil rubbed bronze for the console table behind our sofa, and love it!

Summertime Sourcelist: 10 Fabulous, Functioning Fans
7/11/11 11:45 AM

Lovely! I wish there were more pictures showing the whole room and fewer close-ups, though.

Shannan & Cory's Geek Chic Farmhouse
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7/8/11 09:11 AM

Salvage materials are great! Some of our favorite things come from salvage yards or ReStore. Right now we're working on a reclaimed brick patio.

Seek Out Salvage For Greener, Cheaper Project Materials
7/7/11 08:58 AM

I bought one of these from Crate&Barrel and keep a small number of vitamins in it on my microwave shelf.

Creative and Cute Ways To Store and Organize Vitamins?
Good Question

7/6/11 01:05 PM

I love library ladders! The 1st & 3rd are my favorites.

Library Ladders In the Home
6/28/11 08:49 AM

On one side of my backyard there are vines growing over a fence. Kind of pretty (and definitely better than the alternative) if you don't think about the fact that they're most likely weeds.

The other side has nicer neighbors but lots of weeds, two kinds of fence and sound travels easily. I'd really like some vines, evergreens or a nice hedge on our side of the fence(s). Every time I try to let the current vines take over and create a nice "screen" the neighbor cuts them back and we wind up with too much of their conversation and my dog freaking out at their dog.

Natural Privacy Screen Ideas

6/24/11 04:54 PM

Today I spent my rainy day at work, but I generally like to read a book with a cup of coffee and listen to the rain. Unless it's thundering and my dogs freak out, then it's usually best to curl up somewhere with them.

Rain, Rain, Go Away? How Do You Spend A Rainy Day?
6/24/11 04:46 PM

I got some hairpin legs for a desk in my art room a while back when. Still need to make a trip to Ikea for the counter top I want to pair them with, but I'm excited. Hoping to DIY a few sets down the road for other projects.

Hairpin Legs Make for an Easy DIY
6/23/11 03:01 PM

My parents got one of these and LOVE it! I really want one!

Retractable Screen Doors: Cool Your Space Without AC!
6/23/11 02:56 PM

Wow, I've never heard of granite pavers! I've got to check those out.

Recycled Granite Pavers
6/22/11 05:29 PM

Great post! There are a few areas of my yard that are more low-lying and collect water. Hopefully after my husband and I get a few things checked off our list we level the ground a bit better and try a couple of these ideas.

Green Your Drainage: Permeable Paving
6/22/11 05:27 PM

Something being commonplace does not mean it is not technically wrong.

The code has been amended over the years to allow for exceptions such as lapel pins.

American Flags in the Home
6/22/11 11:59 AM

Love all of these!

Industrial Hints from House Tours

6/22/11 09:54 AM

Actually lapel pins aren't in violation, assuming they're worn on the correct lapel. They are the only way to wear a flag that isn't in violation of flag etiquette.

American Flags in the Home
6/22/11 09:16 AM

It's probably best not to show images of flags that are in violation of flag display etiquette in celebration of our independence.

Celebrating Our Independence: American Flags in the Home
6/22/11 08:50 AM

I love concrete counters! And I really like the idea of a concrete screen like that, too!

10 Ways To Use Concrete In Your Home
6/21/11 04:25 PM

Great post! I love soda crates and have one in my kitchen as a spice rack.

Creative Organization: Five Uses for a Soda Crate
6/21/11 10:22 AM

I love the look in the first picture, and I've had a hardcore sectional crush recently! They just seem so comfortable! I can't quite bring myself to give my leather beast of a non-sectional sofa the old heave-ho yet.

Real Life Solutions: Making a Sectional More Stylish
6/20/11 03:48 PM

Can't say I'm surprised. I have to agree with:
"Honestly, Readymade didn't have much content. Every 'project' they had was either a) duh obvious or b) relied on some special find the crafter had and you'll never find so you can't recreate it."


"I always wanted to like ReadyMade more than I actually did like it and the above comment was exactly why. It was a great idea but - also to echo someone's point above - I can see why it failed if there are tons of DIY features online these days."

I always felt like their magazine all fluff and far too full of ads for things subscibers would never buy. They never had enough projects, their articles could all be found somewhere else with more information, and what few projects they did have weren't that impressive. I kept reading in hopes that it would get better with age.

Readymade Magazine Folds & Cuts 75 Staffers

6/20/11 11:55 AM