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Not much of a post, guys. Here are two varieties of cherries and no ideas whatsoever.

It's Cherry Season! Here's What You Need to Know Ingredient Intelligence
7/16/14 12:59 PM

nice, but i think this is as simple as, they made the bed. it's not really a revamp.

Before & After: This Busted Bed Gets Beautiful
4/1/14 03:01 PM

OMG if someone could find the recipes for these, i would die... or just make the salads.

-The lobster and crunchy vegetable salad from KONG in PARIS
-The grilled lime chicken salad from THE GRILLE ON THE ALLEY in BEVERLY HILLS

Is There a Restaurant Salad You Long to Recreate at Home?
6/21/12 04:25 PM

Oh come on. it's not about people being fat... it's about them being selfish and wanting an enormous cushy chair all to themselves. aka just wanting to be comfortable.

Wide Load: Is Bigger Furniture Better?
New York Times

1/10/12 11:47 AM

yeah, unless of course the vegetable itself slips, in which case the slightest dab against your finger results in multiple stitches.

Kitchen Safety: Why a Sharp Knife Leads to Fewer Injuries
Gourmet Live

7/7/11 03:55 PM

another question related to this photo? what's the paint color? that looks like the perfect grey. i know it was featured in a post on grey walls, but the paint color wasn't clearly noted.

please please let me know!

Source For Leather Dining Chairs?
Good Question

1/26/11 01:17 PM

anyone know where that mirror comes from?

Fresh Start Color Makeover: From Blue to Pink
Cherish Toronto

1/21/11 11:32 AM

where does the dining room table come from?

George Lowell's Classic Contemporary Apartment
House Tour

1/20/11 01:58 PM