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Don't talk about anything that might upset grandma.

My brother and mom love to argue for the sake of arguing, and it's almost always about politics or religion. That said, they save it for breakfast after when most of the family has left and argue to their heart's content. No need to bring that on to other people, especially when they aren't one for arguing (me and my dad).

As for the grandma thing, other than religion and politics, I think you have to keep bad family news out of it. It is not the time to hear one family member accusing the other family member of something. That just forces people to take sides and ruins the whole idea of the day.

Plus, why is anyone talking?! Their mouths should be full of scrumptious treats.

Rules of Engagement: Appropriate Holiday Dinner Talk
11/16/11 04:01 PM

My grandmother is Czech and every holiday we spend together she usually makes a strudel, one with apple and one with either chocolate or poppy seed filling, similar to this recipe:

Her's is a bit more simple, with cocoa powder or poppy seed mixed with sugar and butter in lieu of the nuts as the filling, and no rum, honey, or lemon peel.

In addition to these desserts, she's also shown me how to my poppy seed kolaches (the ingredients on the inside).


Do You Have a Family Food Tradition? Pass It On Now!
10/17/11 04:26 PM

I love Hunt! What a great getaway and a great use of space.

Jim & Dolly's Small & Colorful Garage Apartment
10/17/11 10:54 AM

I'd melt them for a cinnamon/chocolate icing, or put them in spicy brownies.

What Would You Do With: Cinnamon Baking Chips?
3/17/11 05:07 PM

I just found a canister of Cafe Bustelo ( in my break room with a note on it that says "Freebie." I'll probably put some smaller-sized utensils in it in my kitchen. There isn't much color or design in there so this will brighten it up! Yay!

Taking Your Work Home With You Repurposed Containers
1/20/11 01:56 PM