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Anyone else think this looks like what turned Bill Bixby into the Incredible Hulk back in 1977?

The Ultimate $49,000 Workstation:
The Emperor 200

6/7/13 01:21 AM

No, if the source is recorded in stereo, it won't. If there's elements that are only on the right or left, you'll miss that completely. A lot of old Beatles music is recorded in stereo like that. So much of today's music isn't, so it seems the same, but if you slide it over and suddenly verses are missing, or the horns, it's recorded in stereo and the slider just cut that all out. The slider just lets you hear what's being played on one side, the other, or both if it's in the middle.

Single Ear Headphone Trick: Listening With Mono Output Is Better Than Stereo
4/18/13 04:55 PM

This only works if you're on a GSM network. Verizon's CDMA doesn't cause the same interference, or if it does, it's so low it's inaudible. I've had both Verizon and AT&T phones back when it was Cingular as personal and work phones. Great idea though if you are GSM.

How To Find Your Phone When It's On Silent
7/22/12 02:11 PM

Updating, merging, times new roman, whatever. Those are little issues to have. In my opinion, my biggest problem is the redundancy. I used to read the posts on this site everyday, and I'd know I was all caught up by getting to the last article I had read the day before. Now, I'm seeing the same thing 4-5 times across all the subheadings. At least before if say Unplugged was reposting from Re-Nest, it'd have a blurb, then a link onto the original post from Re-Nest saying as such. This new format definitely has me wondering if I saw this yesterday or 2 minutes ago, making me miss out on other new posts below it.

If you want to have a "Main" aggregate section that's great, put EVERYTHING in there and I'll read it all in order, even the sections I used to not read, but stop putting all the same articles in every subheading across the page, with other apparently less important articles surrounding the ones lucky enough to be all over the site. It's like certain articles have paid for more airtime than others.

What Happened to Ohdeedoh, Unplggd, and Re-Nest?
1/28/12 04:37 AM

I've been making honey butter pretty regularly since trying the one they put out at whole foods. I've never tried with cinnamon, but I do tend to put in a teaspoon of vanilla in mine to give a little flavor pop. @schang - In my opinion, in a ziplock container, it lasts just the same as regular butter. Honey doesn't really ever go bad.

Not Just for Breakfast: Cinnamon Honey Butter
9/19/11 10:45 AM

Love the put it on a rack idea, it will help when I'm making multiples when my son has friends over and I need to make more than two at a time!

How Not to Ruin a Grilled Cheese: Essential Tips
Food & Wine

9/19/11 10:36 AM

@therascalqueen - If I weren't in the kitchen, all we'd have to eat is Chinese takeout, ramen noodles, and hot dogs. My wife IS the source of the phrase can even burn water! .....that was a really good pot too....

How Not to Ruin a Grilled Cheese: Essential Tips
Food & Wine

9/19/11 10:35 AM

I have the last one shown, I use it to make baked doughnuts for Christmas time since my mom got sick and I took over her baking. I literally make thousands of doughnuts throughout December, and it makes filling 6 baking pans and a mini doughnut maker a snap. Really sped up the process.

Batter Up! 5 Great Batter Dispensers
6/13/11 11:46 AM

@ethicalcannibal Ikea sell casters right there in the section with the Lacks now.

3/16/11 09:39 PM