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Nice job, but $29.99 might save you the hassle:

Buy or DIY: Large Framed Octopus Triptych
2/18/14 02:26 AM

I say go with something dramatic. I think this would look beautiful against your purple walls...

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Chandelier For My Entryway?
2/21/08 05:03 AM

Those little dogs are making me smile.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Custom Window Shades from Drink and Dream
2/19/08 11:06 AM

Angelina is a little angel.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF House Tour: Anna, Victor and Angelina's Bright and Cozy Delight, Revisited
2/19/08 10:42 AM

Uhhh, can I be the voice of reason here? I had such an immediate reaction AGAINST the movie sofa that I had to write. I've been looking for a light colored sofa with clean lines (for lounging and sitting) and I have seen and sat on the movie sofa in the CB2 store in NY and my immediate reaction was--absolutely not!

I suppose it definitely depends on what your usage will be, and if you are indeed looking to be on your back 100 percent of the time then it is probably not an awful option. But, unless your legs are six feet long, you will not be comfortable sitting upright. And what's with the no pillows? I kept wondering if someone had accidentally removed the back cushions from the floor model--it really looks like an unfinished couch (mind you, it looks great in the photo). And for $1,000? They couldn't spare it??

I actually did wind up getting Ikea's Klippan sofa (the two-seater) since I am in a small studio and it's just me. Of course it's slightly clunkier looking but it's also sturdy, yet comfortable and perfectly fine for lounging as well as sitting up...and for $250 bucks? I couldn't beat it.

It's pretty non-descript on it's own, but here's a shot of it in a room...not bad! :

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: How's the Movie Sofa from CB2?
2/14/08 05:38 AM

i second that.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Woven Ottomans
2/13/08 04:53 PM

How about that great couch. Anyone know where that's from?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: A Source for these Chairs?
1/25/08 03:04 PM

I grew up on Wavecrest street in Staten Island, a block away from the beach--it was a dreamy childhood.

I moved from there when I was 8. It's been all down-hill from there.

Apartment Therapy New York | What's in a Street Name?
1/25/08 11:22 AM

Can you let me know where you got your desk? I've been looking for something similar.

Great space!

Apartment Therapy New York | FSBO: 304 West 10th Street
1/24/08 07:29 PM

Beautiful end result.

However that first image looks like a freakin' squid crawled out of your toilet bowl.

Apartment Therapy New York | Look!: Amaryllis In Our Bathroom #2
1/23/08 01:00 PM

Love the couch--looks very compact and comfy. Can you let us know where it's from?

Apartment Therapy New York | From Ohdeedoh Our site that covers modern homelife with children
1/23/08 10:22 AM

The "fish bowls" are great. I also love these from CB2:

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Jonathan Adler Blue Metal Hand Bookends at Barnes Noble
1/22/08 10:28 AM

In place of that piece next to the TV, I would put a tall, leafy green plant in that corner. It would help lighten up the room a bit and the green would compliment your wall color nicely.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Piece Out of Place?
1/22/08 09:03 AM

Chocolate brown looks great against those shades of green and it will also compliment the "neutral off white color" of your living room.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Paint Color that Complements the Backsplash?
1/22/08 07:00 AM

I find that I live at Bed Bath & Beyond ever since I moved to my new apartment. It’s the first time I’m living alone so I basically need to buy everything.

My best find so far? I was looking for a classic set of flatware but I also needed a creative storage solution for it since my tiny kitchen has no drawers. I found this great set that comes with a stand:

BB&B is also good for towels, bath rugs, shower curtain liners…I found they also have a beautiful selection of printed-paper napkins (for cocktail parties, or, I use them as guest hand towels for the bathroom—I found a great chocolate-brown damask print).

Their “Hotel” collection is also nice; classic, great quality, if not a bit pricey. The 20% off coupons definitely help.

Excellent selection of kitchen gadgets; vegetable peelers, ice scream scoop-type stuff.

I don’t know if all the Bed Baths have this but the one in NYC has a great drug store section where I get my shampoo, contact solution, etc.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Thoughts on Bed, Bath Beyond?
1/18/08 10:34 AM

I've been trying to find a very tall reaching step stool for indoor use. I have very high ceilings--12' and am hoping to find something at least 6' tall (top step), but it must also be compact/folding/slim--at least one of these, so that I can store it in a closet.

Any ideas?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Kik-Step Stool
1/18/08 05:37 AM

great hair.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! New Soul For a New Home
1/16/08 11:13 AM