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We were looking into this for our condo. Most of these units require a 220 electrical supply, our condo, built in the 70s, only has 120. We would have had to run a new electrical line for the unit at about 1K (which would have been exposed conduit in our concrete-walled unit), a new breaker panel (our unit has fuses and the electrician said we should upgrade considering the load) for about 2K, plus the unit at about 1.5K, plus install at about another 1K.

Conclusion: our window unit works just fine.

What Does Ductless Air Conditioning Cost? Good Questions
6/12/14 10:26 AM

Our dishwasher's utensil section has lids with little slots in them that fit our silverware perfectly. Each slot holds one fork/knife/spoon, and the forks and spoons go handle down so they are nicely exposed for cleaning and well spaced from each other. Each row gets a different type of cutlery, so they're all lined up so you can grab them in stacks as you pull them from the slots.

One Small Step to Make it Easier to Unload Utensils from the Dishwasher Tiny Tips from The Kitchn
6/6/14 10:39 AM

We had a backyard wedding with a decidedly Scottish theme, so that dictated parts of the menu. We served haggis (with the traditional address!!) but the main course was prime rib and roast chicken, typical salads and sides, all served family-style at each table.

It was wonderful food cooked in three normal kitchens (my in-law's and the neighbours' on each side) and serving it family-style made it casual and easy. No waiters, just a few servers to put the dishes on the tables, no plating for the caterers to do, just setting up the platters.

How Did You Plan Your Wedding Menu? It's Trickier Than I Expected
5/14/14 10:35 AM

When we got them, we were already in the middle of a disaster in our kitchen. Our building had brought in a plumber to do a sewer stack cleanout of the kitchen line, and it back-flowed up our kitchen sink and all over our (brand new!) kitchen floor. Kitchen sink sewage is pretty disgusting.

So, with our kitchen ripped to shreds, we weren't using it for several months. When we finally noticed the moths, it was a full-on infestation of the highest degree. Our insurance company and our building's insurance company agreed that replacing the food and removing the moths was part of the claim for the kitchen since we would have noticed them much sooner had we been able to use our kitchen in the early days of the infestation. All the food we had to toss was compensated by our insurance company, and the exterminator was paid for by the building.

It was still awful, and we barely had to deal with it. Still makes me shudder.

These moths are 100% harmless, it won't hurt you to eat the moths or the larvae, but that doesn't make it not icky...

How To Prevent & Get Rid Of Pantry Moths

5/7/14 04:10 PM

I open an window and burn incense to clear out the bacon smell. Works well!

5 Tips for Getting Rid of Cooking Smells Tips From The Kitchn
4/29/14 10:52 AM

Well, in most cases you'd have to replace the countertops. Most sinks are uniquely sized, and often times the cutout for a drop-in sink is done roughly.

If the undermount sink requires a larger cutout than the drop-in sink being replaced, then it could potentially be done.

How Much Does It Cost To Convert a Drop-In Sink To An Undermount Sink?
4/25/14 10:36 AM

We have a black Blanco composite sink in our kitchen. It is indestructible and we love it!

Simple Style: Chic Black Sinks
3/18/14 11:50 AM

Learn the shortcuts.

I used to work at IKEA, working there you know how to get anywhere within the store quickly.

When I moved away from that IKEA, I learned my "new" IKEA's layout really quickly so I could take the shortcuts.

Also, we always park near the exit and go through the store backwards. Quicker to get into the Marketplace through the Warehouse, take those shortcuts to the things you need, and blast your way outta there in record time! Bonus, you car is parked at the exit when you leave!

Tips for Navigating IKEA In Record Time
3/7/14 01:45 PM

I'm a photographer too.

I file my photos by date, then event, and in a way that they will automatically arrange chronologically. Example: 2013-12-13 Bobby and Tyler's Wedding (date is YYYY-MM-DD so that they all file properly, just like Jenter above.)

I use Lightroom for photo editing and management, and so use their categories and collections to organize photos by type of photography > event. Example: Travel > 2013 Transatlantic Cruise. Those travel photos are actually saved as 2013-04 Transatlantic Cruise (the cruise happened over multiple days in April).

The Smart, Easy Way to File Your Digital Photos So You'll Actually Find Them Again Comment of the Day
1/29/14 09:26 AM

I would advise against an Ikea mattress -- the only good thing about them in the long run is that they have a 25 year warranty so you can return it when it becomes a shapeless lump!

We bought our Ikea bed and mattress 7 years ago. Love the bed (now discontinued), but the mattress became so thin and lumpy and squashy after about 4 years that we couldn't even sleep on it! Returned it for exactly what I paid for it, and invested in an amazing mattress that we've had for 3 years and we love it every night!

I would totally go for an Ikea bed, but never an Ikea mattress. The added bonus of getting an Ikea bed is that you don't need a boxspring, so you have some savings there that you can put towards a good mattress. You spend 1/3 of your life in bed, why not enjoy it!?

Reviews of IKEA Mattresses & Brimnes Bed ? Good Questions
1/28/14 09:19 AM

Ikea has a desk base unit that has shelves going both ways.

It's more modern looking (more like the Expedit) but it has the same functionality.

Where Can I Find a Bookshelf Like This? Good Questions
1/17/14 09:46 AM

We had this exact frame with the exact same issue. The frame we have was bought at Ikea some 15+ years ago, before they started putting the L-brackets in to solve this problem. Like riapia above, we fixed it with duct tape! A piece along the bottom to secure the frame to the backer board, then some "bracing" tape running vertically from the bottom edge of the frame up the full height of the back. We also had to rig a new hanging system, using little screw-in hooks and a nylon string across the back. These frames are relatively cheap, though.... Why not just hit Ikea for a new one?

Ideas for Fixing a Sagging Frame? Good Questions
1/16/14 09:31 AM

If you live in a condo you should keep this in mind, too, as differences in your insurance vs. the condo's insurance can leave you on the hook. Our building has hot water baseboard heating, and it runs around the exterior of the units. The building has had multiple instances of these heating pipes bursting in cold winters when people go away and turn their head down/off, and the pipes end up flooding all the units below. Our condo's policy states that if this happens, the unit owner is responsible for the deductible for repairs to the flooded units. Plus, you'd be responsible for your own insurance deductible for contents.

Who's Responsible for Frozen Pipes in a Rental Apartment?
1/8/14 12:55 PM

We always had the one present (pajamas!) on Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning, my little sister and I were allowed to open only our stockings until our parents got up, and only if we opened them together. I liked to sleep in, but my sister would be up at 6am... I had to make a rule that she couldn't wake me up until 8am, so I would wake up to her sitting on the floor beside my bed, just STARING at me!

Chaos of presents came later, then off to grandma and grandpa's for more presents and food!

Now, my husband and I spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with his parents, then head over to my parents' place later on Christmas Day. Easy and relaxing.....

Idea Exchange: What's Your Christmas Present Opening Tradition?
12/19/13 01:46 PM

My mother-in-law makes amazing crepes for breakfast on Christmas morning. We stuff them with anything and everything: strawberries, bananas, nutella, ham and cheese, chocolate sauce, and (of course!) creme fraiche!

What Is Your Traditional Christmas Morning Breakfast? Reader Survey
12/9/13 03:06 PM

I have a teeny tiny bathroom, so like many of the other commenters, I do my "getting ready" routine elsewhere. Plus, I get super overheated after I take a shower that I can't stand to be in the bathroom a moment longer than necessary!

I set up a little cosmetics/hair station in our IKEA Billy bookcase in our living room. We have beautiful frosted glass doors from like 15 years ago so it all gets hidden away.

I have a little table-top mirror ( at face-level with one of those little wooden drawer boxes they used to sell with all my makeup, etc in it. An extension cord runs through the back for my hair dryer and straightener, and I'm good to go!

No sweating in the steamy bathroom, no elbowing my husband out of the way for the mirror. I highly recommend a separate space if you can carve it out -- and if you have a shelf on a Billy, you can put it anywhere!

Maybe something like this in a wardrobe/dresser?

How To Eke Some Prep Space out of This Bathroom? Good Questions
11/22/13 04:51 PM

Thanksgiving has already come and gone (Canadian here!) but pumpkin pie is always the staple. Any pie is welcome (I love apple, too!) but there HAS to be pumpkin.

The big tradition in our house is the leftover pie for breakfast the next day, so there always has to be enough pie, and then some...

Real Life Holidays: Which Desserts Do You Like the Best at Thanksgiving Dinner?
11/14/13 10:35 AM

We have a glass ceramic stove, and we LOVE it. I will never ever have a regular burner stove as long as I live!

We use a Vileda Scunge scrubbie on our stove. It won't scratch the top, but it gets off everything!

If the stove is really gungy, I let it soak with a bit of soapy water, then scrub away with the Vileda sponge -- the dark blue side is for the burnt-on stuff, and the light blue side polishes nicely.

We have a cream cleaner specifically for Ceran stovetops, and when it's really bad we use that, but usually just a bit of dishsoap and water with the Vileda sponge does the job!

Why Can't I Keep the Stovetop Clean?
10/28/13 10:17 AM

I was wondering the same thing!!

Recipe: Colombian Ajiaco (Chicken and Potato Soup) Recipes from The Kitchn
10/25/13 09:44 AM

I heard that the hosts of Love It or List It actually can't stand each other.... and knowing that actually makes the show mildly entertaining! (Though I'm not a huge fan, myself.)

I do love Bryan Baumler, I think the Property Brothers do some pretty great transformations and I really really miss Candice Olson's old show!

Other than that, I can't watch much of these "reality" design shows any more; too staged, too repetitive, kinda boring.

(Side note: I know everyone loves her, but I can only take so much of Sarah Richardson doing room after room in the same pale palette and calling variations on shades of white "colouful" before I want to reach through the TV and smack her!)

Home Improvement Shows: How Real is Reality TV?
6/20/13 04:35 PM