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All the LAKES should be labeled too! The waters are a big part of live in Seattle.

And given all the house-boats and folks who live onboard, I think it's perfectly legit to consider them as neighborhoods.

On this map, we should at least show LAKE UNION, LAKE WASHINGTON, and ELLIOT BAY.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Ork Posters' Seattle Design Open for Feedback
9/24/08 01:00 AM

I think other than the toxic fume part, this article is great. It's very detailed and I can see a vinyl bowl being stylish and useful.

Yes, there are good vinyls that should never be used for this purpose, but there are also plenty of them need to be destroyed from this world...

Palmetto, I don't think this is punkass. It's somebody's effort to share their crafty discovery. It might have flaws such as not knowing the process is toxic and its impact to the environment, but it's a solid contribution regardless.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How To: Make a Vinyl Bowl
7/18/08 01:55 AM