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I used to roll until I tried this bundling method. I first used it for a month-long trip abroad for work and was amazed at how much more I was able to fit in the same bag. One thing I added to the method above: the first thing I laid down was my yoga strap, which I wanted to bring anyway. Then, I fastened it around the finished bundle, which made it much easier to maneuver the finished product into my bag.

How To: Pack Light
11/28/13 03:09 AM

Looks like a prettier version of "onebag.com."

Travel Smarter: Tips for Perfect Packing Park & Cube
5/14/13 05:33 PM

RE: "Shanalulu, thank you for your comment. The reason I raised my eyebrows at Mr. Beavan's comment was because I was hoping he'd give me an answer that was more feasible and less idealistic. His insistence that you give up flying at the expense of everything else was, in my view, unrealistic, especially when smaller, more achievable choices ..." The point is that no amount of recycling, eating no meat, or any of those things comes even close to the miny volcano of greenhouse gases/energy used of one single flight. Unfortunately, it's simple math, not idealism. We all want to feel green, and often do these token things, thinking we're saving the planet, but all that's actually being saved is our consciences. Again, the planet doesn't really care about idealism: it is simply a quantity thing.

The Top 10 Things To Carry With You When You Fly
1/21/13 05:17 PM

Can you do a sliding barn door-type thing? It would be the least flammable. You would mount it on a rolling track and could paint it an accent wall color.

How Do I Hide the Kitchen in My Studio Apartment? Good Questions
1/21/13 11:14 AM

I liked Dizzy Ms Lizzy's comments so much I went looking for the "like" button. Oops! Guilty!

The Disappointing Trend of Connected Disconnect CES 2013
1/18/13 02:12 PM

I try to at least some of the FlyLady's daily habits: the bathroom sink and toilet daily, washing dishes daily (a big change for me!), and doing a load of laundry daily (which only works once you have the glorious luxury of washer at home instead of having to go to the laundromat). Also, walking dog and litter boxes daily. That's about all I can handle on a typical day of going to work.

Incorporating Household Chores into Your Other Daily Routines
1/17/13 05:57 PM

I can never decide what kind of learner I am. What's the best way to tell?

Organize According to Your Learning Style
1/17/13 01:18 PM

So does that mean you won't answer the phone when it goes off just as you're about to start sorting the mail?

The New Year's Resolution to
Rule Them All

1/15/13 04:13 PM

Oh, rmbnn, you slay me! I laughed my ash off.

Final Arrangements: Tips, Discussion & Ideas for Styling Your Home Best of 2012
12/28/12 07:21 PM

At first glance, I thought this was going to be about the 6-feet-under type of final arrangements. Talk about your small-space living!

Final Arrangements: Tips, Discussion & Ideas for Styling Your Home Best of 2012
12/28/12 02:38 PM

Susan from wi, and Larrouxgirl 8 months ago: taking personal photos out applies to when you are staging a home for sale, because a key to selling is helping a potential buyer create a vision of themselves in your space, which is much harder for them to do when they see someone else's personal images all over. I also think an unspoken effect of taking out personal photes when staging for sale helps YOU move out and detach from the home, which is the opposite of what you want to do in living in a home, namely, grow roots and connect to it in a deeply personal way.

Essentials Of Effortless Style From Our House Tours
12/26/12 11:35 AM

I love this idea. I agree, it's terrible to disable the alarms, but since I have no fan venting to the outside in my kitchen, it goes off so frequently (no, we don't eat charred food every day) that we finally took the batteries out. We have alarms in other parts of the house, so a fire elsewhere would still get caught, but when it's a choice between piercing unstoppable noise vs. ability to disable during the controlled burn of cooking and easily re-enable when done, this is a spark of genius.

Apartment Kitchen Disaster: How To Stop a Blaring Smoke Detector (And Keep It Off!)
12/20/12 10:57 AM

Thanks! Each year I mark in my calendar that I'm not going to put off mailing until too late for USPS, and once again the date has slipped by me, but UPS and FedEx still look reasonable. I better get busy.

Remember These Holiday Shipping Deadlines!
12/17/12 01:50 PM

My grandfather made me one almost exactly like this, which I am still toting around. Things that made it more dollhouse and less bookcase included a small mirror that he framed and fixed to a wall to make a window, and linoleum and carpet on the floors to delineate space, just like we are taught to do in open spaces today!

Before & After: Bookshelf Into Dollhouse
12/6/12 10:37 AM

Can't believe you didn't post the Gangnam Style one! It's done by the same house that did Angry Birds.

Coffee Break Watch: The Most Fantastic
Holiday Light Shows

12/3/12 09:49 AM

I just want some of that cake.

Readers, It's Your Turn to Choose:
The Top 10 House Tours of the Year

12/2/12 10:46 PM

I just read this yesterday: http://www.wisebread.com/how-to-get-rid-of-all-your-crap.

How Do I Sell the Contents of My House? Good Questions
11/27/12 04:13 PM

I should immediately activate Rescue Time, but do I really want to know how much time I spend returning to AT?

10 Powerful Productivity Browser Extensions
11/16/12 10:34 AM

I agree, it would be tricky to pick out art for me because I'm picky, but a limitless credit at a framing shop would be a great gift...

Art Lovers! Tell Us… What's on Your Wishlist?
11/5/12 07:42 PM

Artfemme11, I'd love to know where you got that, and what it's called.

Don't people find they trip over rugs in the kitchen? I always assumed I would, but maybe I'm just more clutzy than most.

On the Kitchen Floor: Dark vs. Light
11/5/12 07:40 PM