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I come from a family of bathroom readers. My parents, grandparents, and siblings all keep reading material in the bathroom. I don't, but that's mostly because I don't read many magazines. I do take books into the bathtub with me, which my boyfriend hates because it means I'll be in there for at least an hour, haha.

I don't see anything gross about it though, because I always wash my hands after I use the bathroom, and the toilet lid is closed before I flush. Besides, your toothbrush and hand towel stay in there the whole time, is that really any better than a magazine? You put the toothbrush in your mouth after all.

Magazines in the Bathroom: Awesome or Icky?
1/27/11 11:06 AM

Every time I've moved in the last few years I've bought myself a couple of the big Rubbermaid bins, I've been lucky enough not to need to have everything packed at the one time and moved on the same day, so I usually just pack and unpack as I go back and forth between places. When I'm not moving they double as laundry baskets and pet beds.

An Alternative to Cardboard Boxes on Moving Day

1/19/11 09:35 AM