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"When is a cupcake not a cupcake?"

"When it's in ajar!"

Cupcakegate: Why TSA Won't Allow Cupcakes in Jars Through Security
1/12/12 05:27 PM

um, we sleep on a king futon that was made in the states *and* cost under a grand. it's pretty comfy and we sleep like logs.

my favourite thing about AT is how you guys show us how to do more and live better with less. this is way over the top for me too. (wow, what could i do with 10k?)

Review: The Kluft Royal Sovereign "Concerto LS" Bed
A Year in Bed

11/21/11 10:11 PM

i can smell that thing off-gassing from here...

Make An Over-Sized Play Mat For Less Than $10
This Mommy Loves

2/28/11 04:36 PM

String of Pearls is highly toxic to pets and kids. Lovely plants, but seriously poisonous.

10 Non-Toxic House Plants: Keeping Your Pets Safe

1/28/11 09:22 AM

I'm sorry, but that first pic with the tippy four wheeled office chair pulled up to a glass table? Someone's going to be going in for stitches one day.

Mix & Match Chairs in the Dining Room
1/27/11 08:21 PM

Um, #2 is also woven. That's three for five, and it's time to do a little research into textile terminology.

Trendy Embroidery
1/18/11 06:03 PM