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This is my story:
On October 26, after finding your orange womb chair for sale on Ebay at $599, I spoke to Moshe and he wrote me that I have to come & get the chair as they have it in stock at the warehouse. Which I did, only to my disappointment (first in a long line with this company) Moshe wasn't well informed as the chair was NOT in the warehouse. So I placed an order with Levi, paid $300 and been told the chair will arrive in 8 weeks at the most. 8 weeks later I called (as nobody there seems to return calls or keep customers updated on what's going on with their order) and been told by Levi that the chair is in the customs, waiting to arrive at the warehouse any day. I kept calling & getting the same run around for a couple of days... than it was Justin, to whom I spoke on January 3rd, who solemnly promised me he will take care of this for me, and he will call me the next day for updates. Never happened! I called 10 days later, and spoke to Micky, who said the chair should be at the warehouse by January 18th. So I called on January 18th only to get more aggravation from Micky, who now changed his story saying that maybe the next week will get the chair... at this point, I requested to speak with a supervisor, as it's been 3 months since I placed the order & only getting the run around. So after placing me on hold for 15 minutes, got cut off so I had to call back, I finally get Meir on the phone. He is now telling me is not next week that I might get the chair, it may be 2 weeks!!!! I am beyond aggravated at this point & I am requesting $100 of the FULL PRICE (with was $599) and I am AGAIN getting the run around! I am placed on hold AGAIN for 25 minutes this time, before being hung up upon. I called back, only to get Meir telling me he can only give me 5% off after all this!!! And to top it off -that I MAY get the chair EVENTUALLY in about 2 weeks!!! After 3 months already passed!!!!!!!
So at this point I am so furious about the whole deal, about the fact I got 5 different stories from 5 different people in this shady company, and 3 months after placing and order I'm not even given a reasonable discount for the inconvenience!
So everybody needs to know how Lexington Modern is choosing to treat its clients.

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1/18/11 06:50 PM