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Love, love, love this company and their products. My only complaint is that our dog also loves these products!

Green Toys Unveils New Products
Toy Fair 2011

2/17/11 07:36 PM

Our kids had just the pbs option until we added a roku box and netflix to the mix. Now, they are forced to agree or they watch nothing. Amazingly, they will work on a compromise! (This is pretty much the only issue they will compromise on though).

Stop TV Fights with a "Kid of the Day" System
2/12/11 03:33 PM

Love Aubrey organics! Always get compliments on my hair, too. Environmental working group is an awesome resource for finding safe beauty care products.

Four SLS and Paraben Free Shampoos
1/26/11 08:13 PM

Please do note that the above is just a brief summary of the actual clean-up process. More detailed guidelines are available at the above EPA link. It is REALLY important to check out the detailed guidelines. For example, you need to store the remnants of the broken bulb and broken bulb in an air-tight container. You also need to dispose of any clothing that comes into contact with the powder. We had to deal with a broken CFL recently, not FUN.

Cleanup and Disposal of CFLs: New EPA Guidelines
1/18/11 03:02 PM