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I'll second Spot it, which is fun for all ages! For slightly older children and adults who enjoy Spot it, check out SET as well.

In the non-card game genre, I also love Yikerz (an awesome magnet game that stores in a pouch smaller than Bananagrams) and Pass the Pigs (roll pigs and score points based on how they land). Both are great for kids and adults alike!

Kid-Friendly Games Suited for Small Spaces
10/7/12 08:30 PM

For slightly older children, hula hoops. My day campers played with the camp's dollar store hula hoops for as long as we would let them.

Toy Math: A Formula for Buying Toys with 'Play Power'
11/27/11 11:57 AM

What about a no-bake cake, like the groom's cake at the royal wedding or a no-bake cheesecake using vanilla wafers on the bottom (top) as the crust.

What Can I Make With These Chocolate Moulds?
Good Questions

6/3/11 12:16 PM

My roommate went through the same thing last year so the rest of us have learned alongside her in support.

First, she has found the forum at http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/ incredibly useful for questions or discussions from other people living with celiac disease.

Also, she recommends getting entirely new cookware/eatware dedicated only to gluten-free usage. While it is definitely an investment, it is important as scratches in old dishes can retain gluten. If you are living with other people, make sure your dishes are easily recognizable...colorful cookware can be really helpful for this!

Finally, don't try to find bread for six months as the difference is dramatic, although Udi's is the best out there. For toast at breakfast she substitutes premade polenta.

Help a Newly-Diagnosed Celiac Teen Learn How to Cook!
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1/18/11 10:45 AM