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Hi again,
Yes that built in as well as the rest of the wood details and beams in that room finally got fully stripped recently! Although it did look kind of cool partially done. As for the green certification, I started a business from home, and I had to get basically the whole house green certified to become a green business. Now I have a brick and mortar boutique in Berkeley (gorgeous ad green), which is also green certified. It's a service provided by the local counties here in the bay area with the help of green consultants, water and power and county officials. It's a great thing to do and I would recommend it for any home or building. There are so many ways we can be green and go beyond Our current expectations of being sustainable. We recycle and compost do much, we rarely have actual landfill trash! All our water fixtures are low flow, our bulbs, cleaners, heater, paint, etc etc

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3/26/12 05:23 PM

hello all
-good idea about the fireplace, but right now we need that room for a dining room. Next time. We may have to get rid of it alltogether since it's brick and pulling the ol' house down.
-the orange is a color picked from Eco-home's paint bar, not sure the name!
-the wooly's don't leak, but we water slowly and water the back of them instead of the front
-that bird actually came with the vintage cage, it's a fake bird! I though it was cute, but many folks think the same thing (that it's real). I also don't feel birds should be kept in cages. Most are meant to fly!
-thanks, that school desk has some funny high school graffiti, as you can imagine!

Pilar and Carl's Colorful Casa
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1/15/11 07:18 PM