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these are both gorgeous. i have a 10 yo girl and 7 yo boy who would love this.

and on the subject of sharing rooms, she has her own room, but likes to sleep in a bunk bed with him and their 3 year old brother every night. :)

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3/14/12 12:17 PM

This is really well done for 6k. Love the backsplash. Would also like to know about those floors! They look good for $200!

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2/1/12 03:44 PM

cute, homey, personal. very nice. i want to have a slice of cake and a cup of tea in your kitchen. :)

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1/17/12 10:19 AM

Fabulous kitchen, good ideas, great video. Not sure why everyone feels the need to whine about when they get home from work and how small their kitchens are? I have a small kitchen and I often spread big batch cooking all over my dining room table when necessary. Thank you AT for the inspiration!

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1/10/12 09:25 AM

this is so adorable.

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11/9/11 09:24 AM

gorgeous home. the bedrooms are amazing...well done.

have you thought about refacing the kitchen cabinets to white/off white or gray? would really give it a face lift and flow with the rest of the home. other than that suggestion, i absolutely love your home.

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1/13/11 11:56 PM