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I have butcher block but still use a cutting board. I've used soap in the past but now I just use my Norwex microfiber and hot water. (Not a norwex saleslady.) honestly, the wood is in much better shape because I'm not drying it out with soap or chemicals.

How To Clean Butcher Block Countertops Cleaning Lessons from The Kitchn
7/30/14 02:14 PM

Right now I'm loiving my cherry pitter! It's oddly sarisfying to hear the pop of the pit coming out and then eat a whole bowl of cherries without pausing to destem.

What's the Weirdest Kitchen Tool You've Ever Fallen in Love With? Reader Intelligence Request
7/10/14 01:46 PM

Cherry pie!

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of June 28-29, 2014
6/28/14 03:01 PM

Actually, can we talk about the fact that people waaaaay overcook their veggies? I am horrified every time I mention making corn on the cob and someone complains it takes too much time because you have to boil it for an hour. An hour?? Four minutes tops! But if people don't realize that you don't have to boil the taste and nutrients out of veggies, I guess this makes sense.

What's So Tough About Eating Your Vegetables?
5/20/14 04:22 PM

What I really don't get are the people who are proud of their not eaiting veggies and fruits. Like it's a badge of pride or something. Where do they get their vitamins??

What's So Tough About Eating Your Vegetables?
5/20/14 02:01 PM

Well that's... awkward.

Before & After: Second Time's The Charm Coffee Table Makeover
5/19/14 02:22 PM

I keep a running grocery/shopping list. It has saved me more times when I'm out and forget about that odd light bulb that has to be replaced.

I just started a gift list for my kids' birthdays.

And when I travel I usually do a packing list.

Five Lists I Always Keep in My Phone
5/19/14 02:20 PM

Also, there are free apps on your phone that can track your budget. My husband and I used My Weekly Budget with success for a while (unfortunately we were also tracking calories and both apps at the same time became too much!).

Real Life On A Budget: Alison's Money Saving Tips & Ideas
5/19/14 02:18 PM

We use credit cards with rewards for that exact reason. You HAVE to pay them off at the end of the month, but if you're using them like cash (not spending money you don't have), then it's just not much different than cash. And if you're spending points on things you would normally have to buy, you can definitely save money.

Real Life On A Budget: Alison's Money Saving Tips & Ideas
5/19/14 02:16 PM

I make a strawberry/kiwi fruit salsa with honey and lime that I put over mango sorbet/vanilla ice cream with crumbled ginger snaps. It is amazing. When I'm thinking ahead I freeze the ice cream in layers with a ginger snap crust, but combining in a bowl works just as well.

You Need This Fruit Salsa at Your Next Party Delicious Links
5/19/14 10:03 AM

Beautiful kitchen! Looks like a lot of thought went into it and it shows!

Kitchen Before & After: Dark and Dreary to Light and Bright! Reader Kitchen Remodel
5/19/14 10:00 AM

I have a friend who started selling Norwex and I use their envirocloth for counters. Works so well with just water, streak free finishes on my stainless steel and quartz counters. I've also used their descaler for hard water spots in the kitchen and have been impressed. I don't know for sure if it's 100% antibac like they claim but I do feel like everything is very clean and I've massively cut down on paper towel use.

The Only Way I Was Able To Clean My Greasy Oven Door
5/16/14 01:07 PM

The only thing about exposed brick in a kitchen with open shelving is that it *must* be sealed, or else you get brick dust everywhere. Awesome kitchen, though!

How Julia Organizes Her Open-Plan Kitchen Kitchen Tour
5/15/14 01:00 PM

I honestly can't remember what exactly we served, it was seven years ago, but the process was fairly simple. We had the reception at a golf club with a stellar kitchen and they gave us three pages of single spaced options and thoughts on how much for the amount of people that would attend. It was a simple process, but here's what stood out to me. The appetizers were the best part of the wedding food (we were told this for YEARS) and we missed them for photos. Take your photos before the ceremony! Apparently a couple of friends aggressively loitered near the kitchen for lobster rolls. I know there were pigs in a blanket (we met in the south). The other fun thing we did was individual ice cream cones (with sorbet) about an hour after dinner. Big hit.

How Did You Plan Your Wedding Menu? It's Trickier Than I Expected
5/14/14 03:37 PM

Here's where I bemoan living in PA and not having access to Two Buck Chuck.

How Many of These Popular Trader Joe's Products Have You Tried? Grocery Shopping
5/14/14 03:23 PM

My husband makes a pretty good spinach/walnut pesto. Really, your options are fairly endless. Garlic scape pesto is amazing but be prepared for gaaaaarlic.

I'm Allergic to Basil. What Are Some Alternatives for Pesto? Good Questions
5/14/14 03:19 PM

Ok, I did it! Subbed pineapple juice for pineapple chunks. Awesome! The cilantro was such a tasty addition!

Recipe: Tropical Cilantro Smoothie Drink Recipes from The Kitchn
5/13/14 07:23 PM

This is a really great, custard-y baked steel cut oatmeal. I'd definitely add fresh blueberries, I used frozen once without thawing and the whole thing turned blue and was a little watery. Still tasty!

New York City Is Killing My Cooking Resolve, But I'm Resolved to Take Back Breakfast Kitchen Diaries: Kate in New York City
5/13/14 02:59 PM

I have a bunch of cilantro I was going to make salsa with... But now I'm tempted.

Recipe: Tropical Cilantro Smoothie Drink Recipes from The Kitchn
5/13/14 02:54 PM

It doesn't fit on my blender, as the blade/base/container are all in one. Which is awesome for washing!

Video: Do You Know This Trick With a Mason Jar and a Blender? Video Tips from The Kitchn
5/13/14 09:34 AM