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Thank you thank you for doing this piece. I need help, and I already got a lot of answers after reading what you've learned so far. I bought a combination mattress, with memory foam and springs--I think Simmons makes it or one of them--it's called NXG, or next generation, and it cost around $3,000.00 for a double (the only size that fits comfortably in my bedroom). OK, here goes:
The bed is extremely comfortable, ridiculously so, firm and cushiony at the same time, but it has one MAJOR DRAWBACK: HOT!!! So hot! They say they fixed the problem by including springs, which supposedly aerate the mattress, but they do not! It's unbearable, unless I open both windows, even in frigid temperatures. I sleep only with a cotton coverlet, so often I'm freezing on top, but it keeps the mattress cool enough. Otherwise, it's suffocatingly hot--really, like burning hot almost. So I thought I would get a bed with no foam, but what kind? And now you've informed me that most of them do have foam anyway, except for the pricey Hastens. I am used to the comfort, but I sure would like to sleep the way I used to--on a cool bed. Where can I find a comfortable, cool bed???
Thank you for any help, and that goes for anyone, posters included.

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