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We have it for both our dining room table and our office desk! It's really versatile + is the perfect height/width/depth for spreading your work and studying etc.

Ikea's Melltorp Dining Table Is One of the Best Office Desks
9/14/10 10:55 PM

For my web development class, I created a PHP app called Fashion Forecaster ~ I currently have 2 fashion wardrobe choices (from Fall 2009 @ Gap, Urban Outfitters) for guys and girls here. :)

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | 3 Cool Weather Alerts that Tell You How to Dress
11/5/09 09:30 PM

Hey Danny, this sounds like an interesting project! Q: How small is your friend's bed room? I'm living in the East Village and am working w/ a 7x10ft. space! Yikes.

Apartment Therapy New York | Hell’s Kitchen Studio Makeover: Part 1 – Starting Small Guest Post from Danny Seo
9/4/09 01:00 PM

Zach is a good friend of mine. As a designer and artist, he's got a great eye and apparently great decor tastes! Love it, its n/ the stereotypical bachelor pad.

Apartment Therapy DC | Small Cool 2009: Zach's Miami Loft Ladder Tiny Division #09
4/7/09 07:41 PM

I have to know. Where did they get the Asian floral print bedspread from? Was that DIY or did they purchase that from a retailer? Love the burst of color.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Bedroom Inspiration: Audrey Mascina Jerome Sans The Selby
1/27/09 12:32 AM

re: "The one problem with Skype and other first VOIP services was that you couldn't get a local number. For example, Skype doesn't offer a Skype In number in your state. This means that if anyone calls you, they'll have to pay long distance charges. That's not very attractive."

I am a Skype subscriber in the US and Skype lets you pick a Skype In number, from wherever - I can pick a local number or an out-of-state number fyi.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Why Should You Use VOIP Instead of a Landline
10/30/08 11:11 PM

Oh my goodness, looking at the picture and reading this blog entry just made me drool. So hungry now! I am definitely trying out this recipe.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Dinner for One: Sesame-Garlic Soba Noodles with Fried Egg
10/19/08 01:48 AM


Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Thursday Giveaway: Orb Mod1 Plus System Giveaway
10/19/08 12:51 AM

At times like these I wish Budget Living magazine was still in circulation...this would be right up their alley! :) Thanks AT for the post!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Because Not Everything Has To Cost A Fortune
9/10/08 01:48 AM

I'm seconding the posters here: Do more of these Splurge or Save posts. Very much appreciated for those who like to see the mix of high-low products available especially in these frugal times. I wish I could afford the stuff I see in Domino, LivingEtc. but I love visiting AT to see what's accessible, mixable in a real home setting.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Splurge or Save: Tulip Table
8/18/08 10:42 PM

Help me fufill my apartment decor aspirations, AT! :)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Thursday Giveaway: Autographed AT Presents Book
5/9/08 12:06 AM

Whoa! These are so cute! And executed superbly! Bravo! It makes me wanna eat them!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Flickr Find: Hello Naomi Cupcakes#comments
2/13/08 10:41 AM

I also felt guilty at the thought of just throwing away cellphones (also considering how many toxic/precious metals they contain) -- so what I've done is donate the cellphones to women's shelters so they can be used for emergency calls. Call around your area and usually there are local agencies that accept them.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Green Idea: Cell Phone Recycling Program
1/12/08 06:23 PM