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The spice jars with blackboard paint are so attractive. I've seen quite a few attractive spice storage options lately and I would like to try them. But I have an entire cupboard full of spices - maybe 100 different kinds. And they come in many different shapes and sizes. I just don't see how it could possibly work.

They look great, though. And they must work for others.

8 DIY Decor Projects That Will Make Your Life a Little Easier
7/27/14 02:56 PM

I listen to audiobooks while I clean. Sometimes I keep cleaning a little longer because I want to finish a chapter.

7 Ways You’re Making House Cleaning Harder Than It Has To Be
7/27/14 02:40 PM

A previous owner was a handyman with early onset dementia. When we moved in, an electrician found 8 live wires just hanging in the basement. There are several light switches that don't seem to turn anything on.

One of the toilets flushes itself at random. We call it the Phantom Flusher. We've had a plumber in to fix it a couple of times, but it keeps happening.

What Are Your Home's Most Unusual Quirks?
7/26/14 05:35 PM

I agree with Libby P - great use of $100.

Before & After: A Catch-All Laundry Room Gets Beautiful and Functional
7/25/14 12:09 PM

Me, too. What is the source?

How To Make a Magnetic DIY Frame for Artwork...in 10 Minutes Apartment Therapy Tutorials
7/24/14 04:53 PM

There's a Jacques Pepin cookbook called Sweet Simplicity that I just love- it's all fruit based desserts. He has quite a few very simple fruit with a bit of liqueur desserts. One favorite is mango with rum or cognac and a bit of lime juice and peel.

​10 Easy Ways to Use Liqueurs in Summer Desserts Tips from The Kitchn
7/24/14 04:51 PM

When are you planning on reselling? If you are just thinking about reselling in some abstract future, then do the kitchen that suits your needs and taste. In that case, I like the suggestion someone made of putting in a 24 inch under-counter fridge, but designing it so that putting in a narrow full height fridge would be fairly easy. You could even do it before you resold, if it was going to matter.

If you are actively planning on reselling sometime soon, then clearly the majority opinion is big is better.

I, personally, would love an under-counter fridge and freezer and I cook and bake all the time. But I'm clearly in the minority.

What's Better in Small Kitchen: More Cabinets or Full-Size Fridge? Good Questions
7/24/14 04:16 PM

This is the one I'm looking at, but Society 6 has tons of other beauties:


DIY Large-Scale Shower Curtain Artwork 6th Street Design School
7/24/14 03:50 PM

I'm cringing to see the actual vintage tins used as planters - that will ruin them. It might not be so bad to use them as vases, if you put the flowers in a glass jar and slip that inside the tin.

Most of these, though, seem to be not vintage, but just good-looking and or reproduction tins. This is a great use for those.

9 Stylish Uses for Vintage Tins
7/24/14 03:45 PM

This looks great - I wish you'd come and do my stairs now.

Mike & Sandie's Foyer: Renovation Diary
7/24/14 03:39 PM

No. Just no. With the possible exception of the indoor S'mores for sad people who need a S'more but don't have a fire, I am a S'more Traditionalist.
Graham crackers, Marshmallows cooked over a fire and Hershey's chocolate bars are the only possible ingredients. I will stretch it to include peanut butter (because my kids liked it that way) and I would accept Nutella as a new-fangled substitute for Hershey bars, not for myself, but for others. Otherwise they are Not S'mores.

Though, I must say that that the Not S'more banana boat thing looks pretty good. It just isn't a s'more.

How Pinterest Thinks You Should Make S'mores
7/22/14 05:52 PM

We have two 'lives' in two places, so we spend the year moving between our two homes.

When we get to either place, we first, walk through it and check everything out. We open windows, turn on the water and anything else that was shut off. Turn up the thermostat in winter - just generally make everything comfortable.

Then, we unpack. We both like to do this right away so that everything is in order and we can put our cases away. Once my case is stowed, I make tea and my husband looks through the mail (I would leave the mail until the next day, but he likes to do it right away.)

I put my phone and ipad in their chargers, connect up my computer and write a short email to my family telling them we have arrived safely.

Then, I feel like I'm home.

Easing Back In: Reconnecting to Your Home After You've Been Away
7/22/14 04:36 PM

I don't know what you should do, but if this were my kitchen I would do the following: New 30 inch stove to replace the apt size one. And a proper extractor fan or hood. A wider stove means you will need a new sink cabinet, because it is now sized for the smaller stove. And you'll need a new sink because the counter and the sink seem to be one unit. So you might as well get a new faucet, too. I would also have the contractor make a place for the microwave - maybe in one of the cupboards above or below - just get it off the counter.

That could easily take $2000.

Then you could paint, & maybe add some molding to the doors for detail by yourselves. And you could install a tile backsplash yourselves. It's not that hard or that expensive, if you keep it simple.

I would also put a dish drainer in the cupboard over the sink, so the dishes drain into the sink. This ends up being dish storage/ drainer both.

The other thing that bothers me about this kitchen is the big space above the cabinets. If it were mine, I would consider putting in more cabinets on top of the existing ones- it looks like a 12 or 15 inch cabinet would fit. I am usually Team Open Shelving, but in a small apartment kitchen having the extra storage above could be priceless. You may be able to get used cabinets from Craigs List or a salvage place. Since you are painting, they wouldn't have to match exactly. As a landlord, I'd feel better about doing that, than about ripping out existing cabinets.

What Can I Do with $2000 to Update This Kitchen? Good Questions
7/22/14 09:26 AM

I have a very small 3-5 kg washer, not a portable, but I suspect it's similar to the portables. It took me a while to figure out how to use it and now I am pretty happy with it.

The essential thing is to do frequent small loads of small items - which is 80 or 90% of laundry, if you think about it. Anything bigger than a bath towel is better washed elsewhere, but most clothes and underclothes, tea towels etc. are fine. For baby clothes it would be wonderful.

The only drawback is that I constantly have laundry hanging all over. Since I have radiators, I found a wire drying rack with three rails that fastens to a radiator - similar to this:


Have You Ever Tried a Portable Washer? (Plus 4 To Consider)
7/22/14 08:56 AM

We use BackBlaze, which backs-up to the Cloud automatically so it's always up to date. Before we travel, we also back-up to two other drives and leave them at work. Computers can be replaced, but data can't.

When we had some work done on the house, we had the carpenter build in a little hidden space that's easy to get to, but not obvious.

7 Smart, Safe & Money-Saving Things To Do Before Leaving on Vacation
7/22/14 06:27 AM

Have you priced a custom unit? The cost may be less than the cost of putting two units together, or some of the other options above.

I was surprised when I discovered that custom kitchen cabinets were the same price as the best-quality-at -Home -Depot cabinets we were considering.

Does Anyone Make a Double-Size Vanity for Only One Sink? Good Questions
7/21/14 03:26 PM

sunshine and baking soda first.If that doesn't work, Nature's Miracle- you really need to saturate the fabric and then let it dry naturally. If that doesn't work, I would paint the interiors. I might do that anyway.

What Is the Best Way to Remove Odors from a Dresser? Good Questions
7/21/14 03:17 PM

Well, she does say at the link that the transformation occurred when they were expecting twins.

But I thought it was a chew stick for the dog.

Before & After: A Dark Eat-in Kitchen Gets Brightened!
7/20/14 05:43 AM

I love the look of painted panelling. I would almost put up panelling so I could paint it. I love it that much.

Wonderful transformation.

Before & After: A Dark Eat-in Kitchen Gets Brightened!
7/20/14 05:39 AM

No idea why that double posted. I only typed it once.

Take a Decor Risk: 5 Tips and Tricks to Help You Make the Leap
7/19/14 04:29 PM