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The front facing shelves are from Ikea- they are spice racks (Bekvam) and they work quite nicely. They've also been featured on here which Michelle020508 was apparently referencing instead of being helpful.

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3/15/12 01:08 AM

Oh my! I love this room! Where did the Barbabeau chalkboard come from? I am in absolute love with it.

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10/23/11 01:19 AM

I think these are the same ones in a better size- they are from Land of Nod which is a sister company to C&B.

Shallow Baskets for Clothes Storage on Shelves
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3/3/11 11:41 PM

I am a new mom, and I'd say go with your gut. Sounds like the parents to be don't know what they need, so good for you for researching for them!

For me, one of the best gifts I received was much like the advice given: nasal drops, gas drops, colic calm, infant acetametafin, socks, nipple cream, nursing gel pads, and diaper cream (not the all natural one that I wanted, but the only one that ended up working in those first few weeks).

Don't knock the bouncer or the Rock and Play too quickly. I loved both of mine, and still use the RNP daily (my daughter is 6 months old). You have no idea how essential a portable place for the baby to sleep is until you have a newborn.

Cleaning service is good, food is great but I found it more important when my husband went back to work weeks later, but one thing my husband bought me after delivery that I recommend to every new mom I know is a jersey bathrobe. It's not fancy but gave me something generally presentable to wear when people came over that had very easy access for nursing. Plus it felt nice to wear something new post-delivery!

Tried and True Baby Essentials Recommendations
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1/10/11 01:51 AM