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Outside in the rain... hahaha. Sometimes if it's lucky it gets pulled into the laundry room via the side entrance. Poor little stroller.

Where Do You Keep Your Stroller? Reader Survey
8/10/13 06:23 PM

I don't even reliably sleep on the same side of the bed at night with the boyfriend, haha. I'm a little bit of a brat... I share a desk at work and invariably refer to it as "the desk"; my desk cohabiter gets all riled up and upset about it. He's been here longer, but his paltry 2 days a week vs my 6-7 means that it's mine, and I'm graciously declaring it a neutral-zone. ;) I've 4 younger siblings and had the front seat pretty often as a kid, but as they've grown up and we rarely travel together, I just sit wherever. Dinner is pretty much the same, we all shuffle about!

Do You Have Set Seats at Home?
6/15/13 01:10 AM

My aunt planted an ornamental cherry tree when her first daughter was born (the subsequent two children were not rewarded with trees). The tree died.

But for a while it was quite pretty; we've the same variety in our yard (it fared better) and grew from the ~5 foot sapling to about 20 feet tall. It's pretty and flowers well each spring. I really liked the idea when my cousin was born (I was 11) and thought it was neat.

Evidently, like children, trees need care... hehe. ;) My grandmother lived with us when our tree was planted, and she's into gardening.

Birth Tree: Would You Plant One?
5/16/13 09:41 PM

Wow, these are awesome. hahah. My VERY first conscious memory-- I mean, the earliest thing my brain can recall-- is of me being about ~18 months old in my crib and deciding I hated the wallpaper.

More precisely, I hated the bear border that was about 50" up the wall. It had teddy bears in overalls and other cute clothes walking around pulling eachother wagons and other adorable scenes. I reached as far as I could in every direction and peeled back that wall paper.

I remember really not liking it. I was so weird. In retrospect, the paper was quite cute. I dunno what was wrong with me.

Do You Remember Your Childhood Wallpaper?
4/9/13 03:02 PM

I don't think it's a bad thing- goodness, it might have a bit of longevity. Teething as a toddler, and as a play phone when they're a smidge older. "Hello? Is that you Santa? Oh, yes... I'd love to come to your Christmas party this year."

Dunno about you, but we don't even have a land-line anymore. I don't think the wee children of the future are going to recognize what we understand to be telephones, so you may as well let them play with the rectangle.

Wooden Cell Phone Teether: Too Soon?
7/13/12 04:27 PM

This is sort of random, but to this day-- my youngest sibling is twelve, and the wipes containers predate her-- but our dad has them labeled "nuts", "bolts", "first aid", etc and he stores all of his loose ends in them. There must be sixteen of those containers in the basement.

Ideas for Repurposing Wipes Boxes
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10/5/11 03:30 PM

Can we just back it up for a second and discuss that baby's fine toupee?

Wooden Play Gyms from Finn + Emma
9/30/11 10:17 AM

Oh! I didn't read the comments before me! Calico Critters and Sylvanian Families are the same thing! I had them growing up and forgot about them.. and saw them on a trip to Japan (where I bought several sets). :P

Sources for Interesting Dollhouse People
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9/8/11 04:01 PM

I've always liked the Sylvanian Family sets for doll houses... but I think most doll house *people* are creepy. Little animals in people clothes are okay though, haha.

Sources for Interesting Dollhouse People
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9/8/11 03:57 PM

I don't have any real suggestions, but I really like brakeforbread's approach! Kudos!

Ideas for Painting a Tasteful Rainbow?
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1/19/11 02:20 PM