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I do not know how to reply directly to your questions. So, I hope that you are able to read them here. First, thank you very much for all your kind word about my apartment and thanks to Mat for putting the article together. Here are the answer to your questions:

The blankets are there because its freaking cold in Brooklyn (lol)...the window are not forgiving.

The curtain rod is a simple industrial pip that i picked up at the hardware store for about four bucks. It was then painted out the color of the wall. This is simple to accomplish and the hardware store will cut everything for you before your install.

The sink in the bathroom is from the kitchen area. It is a simple and very cost friendly piece. And best of all its flat on the bottom which allows me to use it all a counter space which is out of view.

The book case is tall to create height. I get to those books on top to to often. But it I do one of the chairs tip over to create a ladder. This also helps in the kitchen.

The office, yes, is cluttered. I am a designer so I am love to live with my samples. AND I did not know it would be photographed. I would have tucked some of it away...but know you know my dirty secret.

Design is meant to be personal and a reflection of who you are..so go home and make it yours.

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