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I am sleeping on a Fahrenheit every night, and I would not want to change that. I even have the pillow in from the same line. I have had problems with my neck, back and my shoulder for some years. Not any more, thanks to the Fahrenheit. Ofcourse some physical therapy helps too. But I have to say I sleep like a baby, and wake up fresh with no pain. Both me and my partner miss the Fahrenheit badly when we sleep at hotels etc.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The BoConcept Fahrenheit° Mattress in the Test Lab
10/28/08 05:24 AM

After reading this, I went straight to the tub with Mr. Clean's Magic Erasers, like Seb in Montreal recommended. Super! All gone in five minutes!

So, I tell you too, try Mr. Clean's Magic Erasers!

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10/21/08 01:34 AM

Very ugly..

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Seat Savers From 5.5 Designers
10/4/08 12:54 AM

love it!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Fall Centerpiece Inspiration
10/3/08 11:51 AM

i'm game!

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10/1/08 12:27 PM

eeeeh.. okay. lost my words

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9/30/08 11:46 AM

Want one too, or number 3 or 9..

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9/25/08 03:41 AM

I got to say, my two cats love them too. Mine has moved with me to 4 different apartments, all with different styled radiators. Mine fits on radiators up to 3.9 inches (or 10cm). I had it on smaller radiators before. Now it hangs on a 5.9 inches(15cm) radiator, but there is a perfect opening where I can fit the hangers on 3.9 inches. As someone all ready wrote, the hooks fold easily. Also easy to take of and wash the fabric. But yes, i have warm water system radiators..

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Cat Radiator Beds from the UK
9/10/08 03:49 AM

Okay, very shortly about the story...

It is about a couple who bought an old fishermans house. Most of their things they buy in yardsells, antique stores and are real bargins. They buy them in Sweden, Belgium and France.

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7/29/08 06:12 AM

Totally off the subject but.. i knew the picture was taken in Sweden (my native country)! The house in the background is a veeery typical swedish house. And yes, I can see that i was right when I see the name of the photographer. It made me smile. Sorry :)

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7/10/08 08:05 AM

I ask the same question as pfm; where did you get that couch?

I love it! Been searching for a simular for awhile without any results...

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5/30/08 05:00 AM

Before i did not have any problem with spiders. They didnt desturb me, and I didnt desturb them. That was until the biggest one I ever seen decided to move in to my bed room window. I was chocked, but let it be. Even if it gave me the creeps. A few days later they were two hanging out there, on top of each other!! And they had made a big web covering a big part of my window. Since I didnt want to share my bed room with hundreds of baby spiders I decided it was time to act. I sprayed some water on them, thinking they wouldnt like it and maybe, maybe start moving themself. But no. So I decided to try the jar and book trick. I would rather have had someone to kill them for me, sorry to say. But since no one was arround I had to solve it myself. And i was to horrified too kill them, they were HUGH . Anyway, I caught the slightly smaller one (the male i guess), but the other slipt away and fell to the ground (lived on 11/2 floor). I could even hear when she caught the ground, she was that big. Brrrrrrrr, gives me the chills just thinking about it. Since then i freeze when i see a spider bigger then an ant. Spiders and I are NOT friends. It was this kind of spider...


Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Spider Family Moves In
5/28/08 02:57 AM

parttimedesign and mercedesbee

You can find the pendents you are asking for here: http://www.zero.se/en/products/pedants.html

Its a Swedish company called ZERO who makes them.

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5/20/08 12:58 PM

I have these birds myself, like you said, brings a smile everytime. My mother inlaw is so jealous of them, so I bought her a pack back in Sweden, that she will get on her birthday. I had plan to use that pack as note pins on a notice board with stings, so I will buy a new pack to keep myself next time I go to Sweden. I also use one bird as a bookmark.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Birds on a Wire Clothespins
4/24/08 10:14 AM

I myself have had a Componibili in my bathroom for over 6 years now. It is perfect for that kind of storage, and I love the design. It has been moving around with me from flat to flat for 5 times now. Last time (two weeks ago) from Sweden to France. I will never get tired of it! Or if I do, I will just devide it in to two and move it in to the bedroom for bedside tables.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Small Space Storage Classic: Componibili from Kartell
3/11/08 02:19 AM

Also try BoConcept!!!


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1/12/08 02:20 AM