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I adore the warmth of the floors of your apartment giving the clean white walls a truly warm yet modern feel. Your white walls are an amazing canvas for more art. I have read the other comments and feel they are quite scathing - we all have ideas of what we declare as stylish - this is your style and good on you for displaying it

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1/24/11 11:33 PM

This is truly beautiful Bianca so fresh and stylish. Love how the yellow is happy and invites you in. Love the floors also however as I live in Qld in Brisbane the floors would be caked with mud after the recent floods.

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1/24/11 11:29 PM

HI took your advice in moving a piece of art to another section of the room and Pow Wow it looks so much better .. alas I now have a space where it was!!!!!!!!! perhaps I should take everything down in the house and place on the floor in my living room ... see what works with the space ... any tips gratefully accepted!!!

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1/7/11 03:15 AM

This is wonderful. To escape the city to such a beatuiful serene environment must be very magical for your kids and a god send for yourselves. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. I admire the canadian way of life and creativity sneaks in everywhere - in a rural almost recyling way ......... better than the mass consumerism and macmansions of most of suburban Australia. Congrats!

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1/7/11 02:48 AM