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Quangzhou milk oolong from David's Tea ( ) is my absolute favorite!

What You Should Know About Oolong Tea Tea Essentials
7/21/14 03:54 PM

I grew up in California and moved to Mtl a few years back. I thought I preferred the fluffy kind I'd grown up with, until I had one at St Viateur and have been hooked ever since. I buy bags of both St Viateur and Fairmont bagels to give as gifts whenever I visit friends who don't live in Quebec. :)

Why I Ordered Bagels All the Way from Montréal: Merry Christmas to Me!
12/20/13 11:24 PM

I always wash/rinse mine out while still warm, much easier to clean that way.... so much so I often just use hot water and a good stiff brush, no soap or salt needed. Then back onto the stove or into a warm oven to dry. Super simple! :)

The Best Way to Dry a Cast Iron Skillet Tips from The Kitchn
5/30/13 06:24 AM

I created a simple awning for my rental balcony this summer and it has worked great. I got a few yards of outdoor fabric, put grommets in the corners and then screwed in hooks above the windows. I also twisty-tied some bamboo poles to the railing and attached the other end of the awning to those. Instant shade, and leaves no trace when I take it down! :)

Cheap Way To Block Sun in Rental? Good Questions
9/14/12 06:50 AM

I've been having this same problem this summer... the other night I dragged my poor boyfriend out of bed at 2am just so I could yank the memory foam topper off in sweaty frustration. Can't really afford a new mattress right now (though when the time comes, I hear natural latex is the way to go?) but will definitely try putting something over top of the memory foam!

Solutions for Cooling Down My Memory Foam Mattress?
Good Questions

8/6/12 11:46 AM

Yep! I've been using this trick for a while myself and it works great! Rather than having to babysit the loaves in the oven, making sure it's not too warm or cool, I just plunk them on the heating pad on low with a towel over them and they rise beautifully every time.

Use a Heating Pad for a Quicker Bread Dough Rise

2/16/12 02:56 PM

I agree with the multiple breakfast suggestions... I've been doing just that lately, and it's super satisfying. My version is kamut, pearl barley, steel-cut oats and quinoa. Being mixed, the quinoa will probably overcook a bit, but mix it with a bit of applesauce and raisins and you'll never notice ;)

Can I Cook Steel Cut Oats Together with Quinoa?
Good Questions

1/10/12 11:36 AM

I made this the other night for the lactose-intolerant boyfriend and it came out AMAZING. I used leftover whole grain bread, some past-ripe bananas and the cardamom... it baked up beautifully! This is getting written in my only-for-really-special-recipes book! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Recipe: Coconut Milk Bread Pudding
12/6/11 05:27 PM

I found these little guys on sale at the market today so bought them to roast in a bit of white wine and honey as a dessert... absolutely heavenly!!

Favorite Fruit: Abate Fetel Pears
10/23/11 08:49 PM

I don't see how this is healthier... you still have the hot dog and batter and deep frying... you're just adding the calories (and fiber, granted) of the zucchini on top. In fact, due to the whole thing being bigger, you're got even more batter surface to fry! I think they managed to make a corndog *less* healthy :P Impressive, in a strange and unhealthy way ;)

Zucchini Weenies: A Healthier Corn Dog?
6/15/11 07:28 AM

I used to think they were pointless gadgets... that is, until I got one for Christmas. I rolled my eyes and set it aside when I unwrapped it, but the first time I used it, I believe my exact words were "Where has this thing been all my life?!?!"
I usually only cook for two (myself and the boyfriend) so dragging out the food processor and the subsequent cleaning was always a pain I reserved for big batches. But the stick blender I love! So easy to use, takes up almost no room, super easy to clean! I have the Cuisinart one and use it at any excuse. My vinaigrettes are so creamy, and it even turned a lumpy gravy into velvet smoothness!

Immersion Blenders: Should You Buy One?
1/6/11 02:21 PM