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Great job! Kudos for sharing before it's all the way "done" - it's nice to see a food garden that's a work in progress (like mine!).

Val's Sunny Backyard Retreat My Great Outdoors
4/28/12 04:49 PM

Beautiful job! The fence stole the show in the before shot but now fades into the background. Way to work with what you've got.

Heather's "Japanese Gothic" BackyardMy Great Outdoors
4/3/12 09:47 PM

We also went with a separate fridge/freezer when we redid the kitchen in our 1907 home. There was no good place to put a stand-up fridge, so we went with a drawer-fridge model that also gives us an island/worktop. Most of them were way, way out of our price range, but we scored an awesome commercial version on Ebay for about $800. The stainless steel worktop that came with it is an added bonus and one of the most-used places in the kitchen. Our freezer is in the basement and to be honest, I don't miss having it in the kitchen at all.

Beautiful job on your update! We also went from mint green to bright white and I love it.

Before & After: An Updated 1940's Kitchen
The Home Project

1/19/12 03:51 PM

Me three on the gross basement laundry room. I don't hang clothes down there to dry for fear that the spiders/dust will take them over. Since a basement reno is way, way down low on the priority list, some quick-fix tips would be much appreciated!

Organization Inspiration: Neat & Beautiful Laundry Rooms
1/5/11 03:55 PM