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Not to detract from their home, but I think I expected a lot more books as well. Maybe it's because I have a library room of my own, it kind of sets the bar for me. Just to share - this is an old post but these have pics of our room - http://shoedaydreams.blogspot.com/2008/08/curl-up-with-good-book.html



and dressed for Christmas - http://shoedaydreams.blogspot.com/2010/12/silent-and-still.html

Lindsey & Stephen's Book-Filled Apartment
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12/13/11 04:06 PM

I love the color of the year! (@hthiessen - DITTO!)

It looks very coral to me, which we saw a lot of leading out of summer into fall this year. I'm excited to see it used throughout 2012.

Pantone's Color of the Year for 2012
12/8/11 02:00 PM

Totally avoiding politics this year!!!

Rules of Engagement: Appropriate Holiday Dinner Talk
11/16/11 03:53 PM

I'm all about gut instinct. And to date, I've only had one room where it didn't really work out. For all the rest, I narrowed down to a few swatch cards and then picked one. It's always worked for me. The only color that was tricky was grey. I picked and painted two shades only to find it was either too purple or too cool (not the warm, brown-grey I envisioned) and then totally switched direction to chocolate brown.

How Do You Choose a Paint Color?
10/17/11 11:52 AM

Neither. I pick my room colors on the overall feeling I want to create for the room. And I select art because I love it. There are colors I gravitate towards for my home so they all end up working. It peeves me to select art based on the room. Same thing for framing (which I'm passionate about). You don't pick a frame for the room, you pick it to complement the art.

How Do You Choose: Art Colors vs. Room Colors
9/28/11 10:14 AM

That's awesome! Go Kevin! Sweet ball pit!

One of a Kind DIY: Kevin's Ball Pit on a Balcony
9/27/11 02:31 PM

My living room, dining room and kitchen are separate spaces but they have a great flow. I like the kitchen to be a bit hidden. It can be chaos in there! The idea of master bedroom as media isn't a surprise... as media is mobile (hello, iPad!), every room is a media room.

My house lives great... and it's 112+ years old.

How We'll Live in 2020
9/1/11 02:38 PM

This was the best thing we did in the whole house - turned the old ironing board cabinet (in the kitchen) into a spice rack - http://dailycoop.blogspot.com/2009/10/nice-rack.html

Creative Storage Solutions for Around the House
8/22/11 12:36 PM

We have two black storage cubes from Pottery Barn as our coffee table. This allows us to move them around to suit either ends of the seating space and store items needed there like blankets and lap desks.

We have cats and I hate to dust, so we keep them pretty clear (they're small-ish anyways). One has a Waterford bowl and the other has coasters. That's it, unless it's an item in immediate use such as a remote or glass. But those things are only temporary and are put away when we get up.

What's On Your Coffee Table?
7/12/11 10:33 AM

We used it in our kitchen - http://www.flickr.com/photos/princesspoochie/2620551777/in/set-72157605876959796

Subway Tile In The Kitchen
5/11/11 11:48 AM

Mine is probably more warm than cool We have dark green walls and a red patterned quilt. Very cosy.

Cool Bedrooms vs. Warm Bedrooms
3/4/11 11:31 AM

Ditto to the Kitty comments. What a love.

For the kitchen - I'd say leave it as is. I think it would be crazy.

Gretchen - Lighten up.

Merging a Modern Kitchen with Traditional Dining Room
2/10/11 05:35 PM

Thanks for featuring me!

As onomatopoeias says, you can adjust the height of the shelves for boots. I just decided to only show some of my shoes. I have two of the Bergsborg cases just for shoes and it's for display more than storage. I have the rest of the shoes in their original shoe boxes which helps to stack them.

: )

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